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MCA bloggers

To the MCA bloggers Lau Chin Kok (keykok), Howard Lim (Polibug), Uncle Boo, and Gavin Tee (ShuiXingLang). Good for you guys on being MCA bloggers but MCA really suck big time. Datuk Goh is here to offer all bloggers a chance to blog at www.bodohland.com. Come watch your MCA porn star, Chua Soi Lek here in www.bodohland.com and www.malaysiayoutube.com at URL https://bodohland.com/?p=522. See how YB Datuk Chua gets sucked. Come on lah MCA. Don’t fucking tell me that sucking a cock is a crime. Then what about those Malaysian Muslims in tudung who suck cock as shown in www.malaysiayoutube.com?


Datuk Goh