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Not Doctor Photo of Miss Elizabeth Wong! Finally Uploaded

Dear Friends,

I had promised you all that I would upload a “not doctor photo of Miss Elizabeth Wong”.


I have received more than 10 comments but some of the comments were distasteful (from my point of view) especially to Ms. Elizabeth Wong. Actually, I respect Ms. Elizabeth Wong but I shall not break my promise. Ms. Elizabeth Wong is a kind and good lady but had been manupilated by some dirty politicians especially Khir Toyo and the rest of the Barisan Nasional bastards. You see, when Ms. Elizabeth wong’s photo surfaced, Khir Toyo was fast to ask her to step down. Well Khir Toyo, what about you and your billion dollar watch and what about you and the burnt down Great Wall super market. What about you and the Sentul Bus Station? Why the MACC doesn’t go after you ?

Anyways, MACC is not clean anyways. You see, MACC director is quick in saying there is credible evidence that Khalid is corrupted. but you guys must know that MACC’s director’s son was once caught for having child pornography in australia. Now, why Khir Toyo doesn’t ask the MACC director to step down ?

Malaysia boleh.

Ok, back to Ms. Elizabeth wong’s photo. You see, the title says, “Not doctor Photo of Miss Elizabeth Wong”. To me, the Doctor means a PhD holder.
So, I here a Medical Doctor Photo of Ms. Elizabeth Wong.
ha ha ha … now get back to work and stop harassing Ms. Elizabeth Wong but start harassing Khir Toyo whose cock got suck below