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How to Make a Bomb Detonator Chapter 6 (Educational Purposes!!)

From Chapter 5

6.0 Combining Transistor and Relay

All the photos and videos you viewed previously may seem hopelessly useless to you but trust me if you are able to recreate the same circuits that I demonstrated from Chapter 1 to Chapter 5 and if you continue with Chapter 6, you should be able to create your own detonator successfully.

In this chapter, I shall combine a transistor and a relay.  Besides that, there is no more light bulb.  Remember in Chapter 3 I demonstrated how to light a light bulb? Well, now the light bulb’s location (i.e. on the right side) has been replaced with a matchstick.  Of course you could combine the matchstick with something more powerful to kill your enemy.  For instance, you could always combine the matchstick with dynamite.  However, as mentioned earlier, I shall not be discussing on explosives because this article is solely on detonators.

Previously, the centre portion had either been a transistor (Chapter 4) or a relay (Chapter 5).  Now, I changed the centre portion to have both the transistor and a relay.  The left side still maintains as a battery cell.

Anyway, the descriptio of what I said above is depicted here: –

As usual, the matchstick is ignited via the action of short circuiting (see Chapter 1 & 2) which creates the Ignition Even: –

Some close up views are as shown below: –

The relay’s connections remain the same as the previous chapter ans is as shown below: –

Here is a close up view of the cells used to trigger the relay.  don’t be worried as to why there’s one small cell above.  You see, I need about 4V to trigger the relay and so I had 3 times 1.5V cells which is equal to 4.5V.  There are many types of relays.  If your relay is a 9V relay, then you need a 9V power to trigger the relay.

Here are some close up views of the transistor.

The final photo below is the trigger which will trigger the whole circuit.  In other words, when you connect the crocodile clips to the appropriate terminals, the matchstick would light up!  Unfortunately I didn’t manage to make a video of that.  Well you just have to imagine that the matchstick would light up.

Now just use your wild imagination!  If a 1.5 V battery can trigger the above circuit, what would you use in place of this 1.5 V battery?  Almost anything!!!

To do a booby trap, perhaps you could have two metal plates, parallel i.e. one on top of the other.  When your enemy steps on the top plate, it touches the bottom plate and this would trigger a bomb detonation.

Besides that, if your enemy is entering a building through a door, you could similarly thing of a trigger mechanism to close the circuit and blast your enemy to pieces using this detonator and powerful exposives.

Yes, you can let your imagination run wild and think of many other methods to blast and cause your enemy to die.  Hey, that’s what soldiers do to defend their country right?  Anyway, what else can you think of as a detonator?  Well, obviously you could use a cellular phone.  After reading Malaysia’s news where the Malaysian Airlines System or MAS allows passengers to use handheld devices on board of the plane, I feel that it is a bad move because do note that cellular phones can act as a detonator too!  Just imagine replacing that last photo’s 1.5 V cell with a cellular phone!

Anyway, to continue with the next chapter, I would introduce something easily available i.e. an alarm clock and a remote control car.  So, you will then know how to create an Alarm Clock Bomb Detonator and also a Remote Control Car Detonator.

Due to time constraints, I am not able to discuss on Cellular Phone Bomb Detonators but the principles are the same as the Remote Control Car Detonator.  You just need to get the two “trigger cables” to the motor of the Cellular Phone like how you get the two “trigger cables” to your Remote Control Car (in Chapter 8).

Continue to Chapter 7



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