PKFZ : Audit Report

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Bodohland Team

Najis’ Court

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kangaroo court

Zambry, Idiot Fencepost Tortoise

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zambry fence-post idiot

Mongol !!

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Original Pic From with thanks!

Now showing in local cinemas! Watch it before Najis banned the movie!

The Arrogant Duo Resigning? Dream On!

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Najib : I am cockless!

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Public Enemy No. 1

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He is not only GREEDY…. he is a Fc*king Coward!

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Thank You, Najib the Satan!

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Malaysians wish to thank Najib, the Satan, for his despicable deeds in Perak! Thank you for condemning UMNO and BN to total annihilation and extermination in the coming General Election by your greed to stay in power.

For UMNO goons, you’ve better ditched this F*CKING IDIOT before you lose everything! By then it will be too late!

The Perak Robber in Stocking

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Even in woman’s clothes and in stocking, we, the Perakians know exactly who is the PERAK ROBBER….

He together with Mongolian girl murderer must be STOPPED !

Najis’ Fantasy…And How Altantuya Met Her Fate?

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Ours Or Najis’ International Reputation ?

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The Perak Thief

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Zambri Baba & His 9 Thieves

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Thief Zambry is calling for State Assembly Sitting on 7 May 2009,  and together with his 9 thieves , he is going to sack the Speaker and appoint “WHORE” Hee Yit Foong to be the new Speaker.

RPK says “Lets storm the Bastille”. Are you going to be there?

Najis Seventeen Again?

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RIP Malaysia, A Failed State of Anarchy

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Pic adapted from

The following article from Malaysia Today is a must read for all!

Malaysia  –  A State of Anarchy

What is our beloved Malaysia coming to? Malaysia has become a country where people tried for murder, and is proven to be involved in that murder, is acquitted and no appeal is made by the IGP, the Attorney General, or the DPP.

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Instead (a blogger and a highly respected PATRIOT), Raja Petra’s release from ISA is appealed, and he is further hounded and sought by the authorities to be placed under a fresh ISA arrest warrant, and fresh charges of treason to be made against the Conscience of Malaysia.

This time, with the Government under Najib, it looks like they are playing for keeps, as a conviction for treason will be a capital crime, resulting in Raja Petra being executed. It looks like the Malaysian Government led by Najib wants to silence Raja Petra once and for all.

Raja Petra is absolutely correct to “disappear” as he, nor I or any right-thinking Malaysian, have even an iota of confidence in our Legal “System” and (pre)Judiciary any more after the Perak Constitutional crisis debacle and the most recent statement by the Cabinet on the subject matter of religious conversion.

I have advised him in many comments in Malaysia Today articles to “disappear” so that he can continue to fight the good battle for Malaysia & Malaysians from the safety of his sanctuary, wherever that may be.

Certainly remaining safe and continuing the Rakyat’s Struggle will be much more effective than languishing listlessly in a Kamunting ISA cell, or swinging lifelessly on the end of a noose.

The state of the Judiciary is utterly deplorable, with the Federal Court trespassing into the Perak Legislature’s territory when by Law, by Constitution, and by case history, they have no jurisdiction whatsoever on Legislative matters. I believe the penalty for going against the Constitution is Death – as going against the Malaysian Constitution is TREASON. Therefore, all 5 Federal Court judges who sat and ruled against the Malaysian Constitution should be hung by the neck, until death!

This does not end here. The saga continues with the Cabinet making a decision on religious conversions and interfering and trespassing on the powers of the Judiciary!

What is Malaysia coming to? A cowboy country where the Law of the Land is through the barrel of a gun? Where Might is right? Is this a Malaysia that we Malaysians can be proud of? Is this what we want our children and grandchildren to inherit from us?

From all these events, and the fact that both the Defense and Prosecution were working hard in court to keep out a certain politician’s involvement in the Altantuya case, which is so plain for all to see, the conclusion is clear.

Malaysia, under the despotic rule of the Barisan Nasional for 50 plus years, under the dictatorial rule of Mahathir for 22 plus years, and now under the thumb of Najib, has proverbially gone to the dogs. It is PATRIOTS like Raja Petra & Zaid Ibrahim, who give hope to upstanding and fearless citizens of Malaysia that we will have a chance of cleaning up the Aegean stables together.

But first, we have a Herculean task ahead of us as we chart out the course of the river to run through the stables, and wash out 50 plus years of scum and dirt.

It is time to rise up and be counted, in any way that we can, in any way that you see fit. Come out and support Raja Petra in his endeavour to rid Malaysia of all its ills accumulated over these last 50 years, and bring back true Justice, Equality, Freedom, a truly independent Judiciary that only has Judges of impeccable integrity, and the separation of powers, upholding the Constitution in all its glory.

Malaysia in its present state is in a state of anarchy where Might is right. What we need and want is a Malaysia where Right is might, and Justice is served by carrying not only the letter of the Law, but also the Spirit of the Law. This can only be done with the removal of the Barisan Nasional Government, and the voting in of the better alternative, Pakatan Rakyat.

Let the powers-that-be know that we Malaysians want back Malaysia and not for BN to turn Malaysia into a Zimbabwe. And let them know that we are solidly supportive of Raja Petra, no matter how the Government and its minions want to demonize him … wear the RPK T-shirts with pride wherever we go, everywhere we go!

Long Live Raja Petra Kamarudin! If we could vote in the Agong, Raja Petra would be my first and ONLY choice!

24-4-2009 Friday

Najis, the Malaysian Gangster

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People, be afraid… Be very afraid!

For barely few weeks into his reign, he has already shown us what he is really really capable of!

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar’s Award – A Must Read

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You owe it to yourself to read Malik Imtiaz’s article which won him this International Award!

Read it in Malaysia Today ( ) or click here !

All Malaysians salute you, Mr Malik!

We thank you for bringing back some pride to our beloved country!!

How To Celebrate Earth Day Today?

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Najis’ New Backdoor Policy

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Najis intends to keep the NEP, no doubt about that.

In addition, he also introduced a new policy: NBP : New Backdoor Policy to ensure all his cronies are well taken care off!

What else will he introduce next?  We can’t wait!

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