A Chance For You to Blog Without Fear
Dear Malaysians who want to blog but are afraid to be caught by the authorities. Here is what you do: - Select any one of these username and password: - Please note, it's a first come first serve basis. I would prefer you not change the passwords so that others could also blog. Or just send the damn emails/videos to datukgoh@datukgoh.com or bodoh@bodohland.com. Thank you. Username : bodoa Password : bodoa Username : bodob Password : bodob Username : bodoc Password : bodoc Username : bodod Password : bodod Username : bodoe Password : bodoe Username : bodof Password : bodof Username : bodog Password : bodog Username : bodoh Password : bodoh Username : bodoi Password : bodoi Username : bodoj Password : bodoj Username : bodok Password : bodok Username : bodol Password : bodol login here http://www.bodohland.com/wp-login.php

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