How to Kill in Malaysia and Get Away With It for Dummies

Malaysia.  Ahhhh….. The land where you get lots of good food, great scenic beach, cooling highlands with casino and friendly people.  Many foreigners who visit Malaysia were thrilled and enjoyed their stay here in Malaysia.  But that’s what those in power would want foreigners and tourists to think.  This is because when tourists see what Malaysia can offer, the tourists can go back to their respective countries and brag all about Malaysia.

The truth is that there are many ugly side of Malaysia which the toursits do not see.  I will not be describing all the negative aspects of Malaysia but I will highlight one which recently occured and had been occuring over the many years.  I will be highlighting, “How to Kill and Get Away with it”.  The method is very simple.  As a general rule, just be a powerful person and you shall be able to get away with murder.

1) The Murder of Altantuya
Altantuya came to Malaysia and for whatever reason, I shall not discuss it.  Altantuya was a model and was from Mongolia.  She came into Malaysia with two of her friends.  Her entry into Malaysia was erased from the Immigration Department.  Later on, her body was found and blown into pieces with a difficult to obtain explosive.  Currently, a trial is being carried out.  The killers of Altantuya goes to court with their face covered.  These killers are police officers and very close to the current Prime Minister of Malaysia but these two police officers do not mention who ordered them to kill Altantuya.  C4 is a very difficult to obtain explosive and they managed to obtain it.  From what I know, when these two police officers are found guilty of murder, they will be hung.  Since we do not know how they look like, most likely, during the sentencing i.e. during the hanging, two prisoners who are waiting to be sentenced to death would be used and the Malaysians would think that these two police officer killers were actually sentenced to death.  Until today, we do not know how the two killers of Altantuya look like

2) Kugan
Kugan was a suspected car thief.  After he was brutally beaten up in a police station, a report claiming that Kugan died of pneumonia appeared. Not satisfied with this report, Kugan’s parents ordered another autopsy.  Before the autopsy was completed, the police stormed into the hospital and confiscated the report from the hospital.  Now, the killers of Kugan will just get off free.

3) Teoh Beng Hock
Would a guy who is planning to get married the next day commit suicide?  Well that’s what the picture anti corruption Agency of Malaysia (MACC) is trying to paint.  they murdered Teoh Beng Hock but these killers didn’t know that he was planning to get married the next day.  Why do I say he was murdered ?  Well, the lies that MACC informed the press did not tally with evidences found.  Well, MACC mentioned that Teoh Beng Hock was released after questioning.  If Teoh was released after questioning, then his possession would had been returned to him.  however, Teoh Beng Hock’s wallet and mobile phone were still in the custody of MACC.

4) Dr. Liew
Dr. Liew died due to a construction accident.  No one was found guilty.

5) Workers of Jaya Supermarket Collapse
Again, innocent Indonesian workers were killed when the Jaya Supermarket Collapsed.  Who will be going to jail?  No one

6) NKVE Bridge Collapse
Several workers were killed on the spot when a section of the NKVE bridge collapsed.  More workers died as a result of internal injuries at the hospital.  Up till today, no one had been prosecuted.

2 thoughts on “How to Kill in Malaysia and Get Away With It for Dummies

  1. Tangy

    Whoever made this Website.I Salute you for your daringness.

    You are a “HUMAN” unlike other living like animals.

    Keep it up man.

  2. datukgoh Post author

    Always have a lawyer presence in the interrogation.
    Always have a video camera on during the interrogation.

    and lastly, a 3rd party CSI autopsy report, independent from the “Authorities”.


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