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MCA bloggers

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Datuk Goh

Update on Malaysia Bloggers in ISA Jail

The owner of, a premium domain name finally lost his ownership and went to some damn foreign company.
More and more Malaysian bloggers are being put in Jail.

Ipoh crack down spread to KL, Penang tonite

Eng Kiat’s arrest at the Penang vigil

The author of is no where to be found.

The owner of has lost the ownership of his premium domain, thanks to the ISA jail.


Chicken shit no Balls Blogspot/wordpress bloggers!!!

I truly agree with Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim:…
For God’s sake, use a real domain name for your blogs. It adds credibility!! Now show me your freaking bloggers!

To the owner of this blog:

Please get a damn real domain name. I and tons of readers do not believe the validity of your source, it is just a scratch on a piece of toilet paper.

Give us solid evidence, and not she said, he said and blah blah talk cock over kopi.

How to Kill in Malaysia and Get Away With It for Dummies

Malaysia.  Ahhhh….. The land where you get lots of good food, great scenic beach, cooling highlands with casino and friendly people.  Many foreigners who visit Malaysia were thrilled and enjoyed their stay here in Malaysia.  But that’s what those in power would want foreigners and tourists to think.  This is because when tourists see what Malaysia can offer, the tourists can go back to their respective countries and brag all about Malaysia.

The truth is that there are many ugly side of Malaysia which the toursits do not see.  I will not be describing all the negative aspects of Malaysia but I will highlight one which recently occured and had been occuring over the many years.  I will be highlighting, “How to Kill and Get Away with it”.  The method is very simple.  As a general rule, just be a powerful person and you shall be able to get away with murder.

1) The Murder of Altantuya
Altantuya came to Malaysia and for whatever reason, I shall not discuss it.  Altantuya was a model and was from Mongolia.  She came into Malaysia with two of her friends.  Her entry into Malaysia was erased from the Immigration Department.  Later on, her body was found and blown into pieces with a difficult to obtain explosive.  Currently, a trial is being carried out.  The killers of Altantuya goes to court with their face covered.  These killers are police officers and very close to the current Prime Minister of Malaysia but these two police officers do not mention who ordered them to kill Altantuya.  C4 is a very difficult to obtain explosive and they managed to obtain it.  From what I know, when these two police officers are found guilty of murder, they will be hung.  Since we do not know how they look like, most likely, during the sentencing i.e. during the hanging, two prisoners who are waiting to be sentenced to death would be used and the Malaysians would think that these two police officer killers were actually sentenced to death.  Until today, we do not know how the two killers of Altantuya look like

2) Kugan
Kugan was a suspected car thief.  After he was brutally beaten up in a police station, a report claiming that Kugan died of pneumonia appeared. Not satisfied with this report, Kugan’s parents ordered another autopsy.  Before the autopsy was completed, the police stormed into the hospital and confiscated the report from the hospital.  Now, the killers of Kugan will just get off free.

3) Teoh Beng Hock
Would a guy who is planning to get married the next day commit suicide?  Well that’s what the picture anti corruption Agency of Malaysia (MACC) is trying to paint.  they murdered Teoh Beng Hock but these killers didn’t know that he was planning to get married the next day.  Why do I say he was murdered ?  Well, the lies that MACC informed the press did not tally with evidences found.  Well, MACC mentioned that Teoh Beng Hock was released after questioning.  If Teoh was released after questioning, then his possession would had been returned to him.  however, Teoh Beng Hock’s wallet and mobile phone were still in the custody of MACC.

4) Dr. Liew
Dr. Liew died due to a construction accident.  No one was found guilty.

5) Workers of Jaya Supermarket Collapse
Again, innocent Indonesian workers were killed when the Jaya Supermarket Collapsed.  Who will be going to jail?  No one

6) NKVE Bridge Collapse
Several workers were killed on the spot when a section of the NKVE bridge collapsed.  More workers died as a result of internal injuries at the hospital.  Up till today, no one had been prosecuted.

Death of Teoh Beng Hock

Heck, I have no idea who is telling the truth but all I know is IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND EGO.

I am posting the info before  THOSE PEOPLE delete their  blogs and I won’t be surprised they are put in Jail via the ISA.You be the judge.

DAP-Dum Ass Pigs

AIG-American is Greedy

Oh boy, this is going to make UMNO/BN looooooooooooks sooo good and sincere.

Way to go…DumP Ass Pigs-DAP-you shot your own Balls!!


Liu said the blog had come up on Thursday with a tag line Truth for Teoh Beng Hock that had a list of 172 projects and events with details of allocations spend from February 28, 2008 before Pakatan Rakyat took over Selangor.

Selected documents containing list of projects for Sg Pelek constituency

Documents containing 83 projects (item 89 to 172) in Sg Pelek constituency given to one Wong Chuan Chow. The constituency is under the purview of Ronnie Liu.

The DAP’s corruption modus operandi in Selangor

Teoh Beng Hock is dead. Let not his death be forgotten and for nothing. The reason why Teoh died is because of the massive scale of corruption by the DAP since they took over the running of the Selangor state government in March 2008.

For the first time we have documents evidence, names, cheque nos, vouchers and projects which the MACC, the Police, the Royal Commission of Inquiry, the Magistrate Court Inquest, the NGOs, the DAP itself and any member of the public can verify themselves.

The DAP (not the PAS or PKR) has been stealing the rakyat’s money in Selangor. They have been doing this without the knowledge of the other Pakatan partners like PKR and PAS. They have cheated not only the rakyat but also their own Pakatan partners from enjoying some of the stolen money.

This is actually not corruption. Corruption means you get money illegally from someone else. In the UMNO style, someone gets a project. Then they pay through a runner 10% or 20%, usually in cash inside a bag. Very simple and also quite smart.

But the DAP are quite stupid. They set up their own dummy companies, create fake invoice, fake projects and then take the money out. This is stealing, not corruption. But because they abuse their power it is also involving corruption. In the process they leave behind a very long trail of documents and evidence.

The late Teoh Beng Hock was involved in this scandal also but he was forced by Ean Yong and Ronnie Liu. He did not really like what was happening. To protect himself, Teoh made copies of all the false documents and dummy companies that was set up by the DAP. Teoh left behind a hard disk with someone which contains a stack of information detailing the corruption by the DAP in Selangor.

They followed a simple but silly method. Each Kawasan DUN (like Kajang, Teratai, Balakong) is given RM500,000 funds which the Pakatan ADUN can spend on projects. The DAP has been stealing this money – a little at a time. Few thousand ringgit at a time. But there are more than 300 small projects – Teoh gave us a long list.

The Selangor govt has said that they will tender every single project. This is their lying. In the list provided by Teoh, some people and some companies sapu many of the projects.

Among the biggest players are WONG CHUAN HOW (in the Kawasan DUN Sungai Pelek) under YB Ronnie Liu who was given 84 projects totalling over RM200,000 (Tarian Cina Persatuan Bahasa, Perayaan Persatuan Buddha Huan Chian Chuen, Kejohanan Bola Keranjang). Other names include Perniagaan Seri Makmur, Era Terbilang Enterprise, Era Gemilang Enterprise and many more. Teoh gave a full list. We have scanned some of the documents (from about 100 pages of documents)

How can one person get 84 different contracts?

The amounts are small but the method they use is very big. This is just in one year. Imagine if the DAP take over the federal govt? Here are some examples how DAP do it. The names and the projects are all real.

1. Rombongan Lawatan Penduduk 21/10/2008

WSK Enterprise paid RM1,800 by Selangor state govt using rakyat money as the contractor / coordinator. The money is paid out as follows:

Invoiced by WSK Services: RM1,800
Less 10% for DAP ADUN: 180
Net: RM1,620
Pay for ‘Books’: RM600 (this RM600 goes to DAP Malaysia)
Net: RM1,020
For Invoices / Stationery: 50
Balance RM 970 paid to Lee Sau Lan Public Bank cheque 254059 – cheque not clear)

2. WSK Services

Invoiced amount: RM3,455.00
Less 10% DAP ADUN: RM345.00
Invoices: RM 50.00
To Lee Sau Lan: RM3,059.00

3. Hong Chae Enterprise

Invoiced amount: RM 10,000.00
Less 5% DAP ADUN: RM500.00
Net: RM9,500.00
Cheque paid (no name given) 5,000.00
Net: RM4,500.00
DAP Serdang Aman: RM3,000.00
To DAP Fund: RM1,500.00

4. WSK Services

Invoiced amount: RM 1,665.00
Less 10% DAP ADUN: RM166.50
Net: RM1,498.50
DAP Serdang Aman: RM379.15
To Hong Chae Enterprise: RM1,119.35
Pay to Teoh Beng Hock: RM112.00
Pay to DAP Fund: RM1,007.35

5. WSK Services

Invoice amount: RM4,200.00
Less 10% DAP: RM420.00
Net: RM3,780.00
DAP Serdang Aman: RM3,754.76

For Tahun 2008 (ADUN Sg Pelek) projects under YB Ronnie Liu list there are 172 projects.

Of this number, Items No. 89 to 172 (83 projects in Sg Pelek) have been awarded to Wong Chuan Chow worth RM216,950 in just one year. The list of projects given to Wong Chuan Chow have been scanned here*.


will be joining Sdr Kit Siang at a pc tomorrow on matters relating to the defamatory blog attacking Sdr Ean Yong Hian Wah and me and the Selangor DAP in general.   In my pc today, I pointed out that Wong Chuan How is not a contractor as claimed; he is actually my special assistant who helps me to process the annual allocation for Sg Pelek state constituency.After having a closer look, I found that the blog contains nothing but bullshits.By the way, I have put up all details concerning the 2008 allocation for Sg Pelek, Sg Panjang and Pandamaran  in this blog in Janauary this year ( under annual allocation category).Â

Malaysian bloggers are in Jail

More and more Malaysian bloggers are being put in Jail.

Ipoh crack down spread to KL, Penang tonite

Eng Kiat’s arrest at the Penang vigil

The author of is no where to be found.

The owner of has lost the ownership of his premium domain, thanks to the ISA jail.


IT auditor pleads guilty to slamming his ex-boss in website

To all Malaysians out there, please register yourself at  Datuk Goh is here to protect you.

source: from The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: An information technology auditor pleaded guilty to posting an abusive and obscene comments against his former superior in his own website two years ago.

Seah Boon Khim, 26, from Setapak, said he had make a mistake by posting the comments in the Internet.

“My best friend is my computer. I put my miserable life in Internet. I seriously do not know what I am typing (then). I could not think properly,” he said in mitigation Monday.

Upon hearing this, Sessions Court judge Mohd Zaki Abdul Wahab reminded him that he had to be careful about his mitigation or risk it being rejected on the grounds of a qualified plea of guilt.

While standing near the dock, Seah, who continued by reading out his notes, said that he had made an honest mistake.

“I realise it was a mistake and childish and quickly removed my posting,” he said.

However, he said he was alerted by the Multimedia and Communications Commission later that his former manager had lodged a complaint against him.

“I admitted that I was wrong and gave full co-operation to the commission to (investigate the case),” he said.

Seah said further that it was the first time that he had broken the law and apologised for his actions.

“I hope the court will sympathise with me. Please give me a chance to pay back my (study) loan and build my career,” he said.

According to the facts, in September 2007, the commission had received a complaint from EON Bank Bhd internal audit department chief Ho Kong Chan about a website which had published obscene comments about and thereby affecting his dignity.

The website was registered under the name of a company, e-Lock Corporation.

At the outset, Seah said he felt miserable and sad when he did not get promotion from his employer for two years and did not get a salary increment.

He said he felt victimised when he did not get bonuses that his colleagues enjoyed.

“I could not take it and left the company,” he said adding that he later took RM40,000 loan to pay for his Masters and passed a certificate for internal auditor course.

He was said to have committed the offence through in Jalan Pinang at 1.33pm on Aug 13.

If convicted, he could be fined up to RM50,000 or jailed up to a year or both under Section 233(1)(a) of the Multimedia and Communications Act 1998.

Prosecuting officer Raja Mohd Iskandar Zulkharnain Raja Abdul Malek pressed for a deterrent sentence saying that Seah’s actions had hurt Ho’ feelings.

The judge convicted Seah in the summons case and set Tuesday for sentencing.