MANOHARA APPOINTS A MALAYSIAN LAWYER Filed under: ARTICLE (LATEST) 22/06/2009, justice — sjsandteam @ 11:07 Tags: MANOHARA APPOINTS A MALAYSIAN LAWYER image Jakarta 22/06/2009: Detiknews reports that Manohara Odelia Pinot together with her family members have appointed a Malaysian lawyer, Mohamed Zaini Mazlan to represent Manohara in her legal battle against Fakhry and the rest. Manohara and family members want to bring Fakhry to justice for the various abuses he had inflicted upon Manohara. “Today the family of Manohara officially introduces the Malaysian lawyer,” says Hotman Paris Hutapea, the Indonesian lawyer representing Manohara’s legal matters in Indonesia. He announced this at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Central Jakarta last night. According to Hotman, Manohara is serious in her allegation of various abuses carried out by Fakhry, and she is determined to bring Fakhry to justice. Hotman also said that Manohara has many evidences of sexual abuse, rape, etc. Manohara will show all these material evidences as proof of abuses she had suffered. Hotman also mentioned that the charges against Fakhry will be done immediately. Manohara’s Malaysian lawyer, Mohamed Zaini Mazlan mentioned that no one is above the law in Malaysia. He is also determined to fight this case as the truth is on Manohara’s side.