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Gamblers going the whole hog to strike 4-D

A MULTI-racial crowd is turning up at a temple in Taiping to pet a wild boar for good luck.

However, it was the presence of Muslims there that scandalised Harian Metro, which front-paged the story with the headline “Melayu peluk babi” (Malays hug pigs).

The newspaper reported that shallow religious knowledge and superstitious beliefs had unfortunately led some Muslims to touch and hug the wild boar for luck.

Apparently, the temple which is located at the foothills near a popular supermarket in Taiping, is well-known among Chinese and Indians, as well as Singaporeans.

Busloads of tourists would frequent the temple to view the 30 to 50 wild boars that appear every night at a designated spot in the temple.

Most of the visitors only have one thing in mind.

They would come armed

with slips containing four-digit numbers, vehicle grants and ringgit notes to rub on the wild boar.

It is believed that this would bring luck such as winning the main prize in four-digit draws.

A Harian Metro reporter, who staked out at the temple for a day, saw a growing crowd starting from 7.30pm.

Two hours later, he saw two Malay men clutching slips of paper believed to be four-digit numbers.

The two men approached a wild boar before stroking the animal’s body with the slips of paper.

When approached by the reporter, one of the men said: “What is wrong in trying our luck?

“I have heard that some people have won thousands of ringgit.

“All they have to do is to rub slips of four-digit numbers or money on the pig’s body, and it’s that easy.”

Several temple workers estimated that about 10 out of every 100 visitors were Malays.

According to Jabatan Agama Islam Perak, the act of worshipping a wild boar was considered kufur.

It also added that touching a pig was haram in Islam.