Beware of this guy!!!

A public announcement for readers.
This message was passed on by one of the many faithful readers of
Name : Chan Kar Jun
H/P : 016 – 593 2580
Have you seen this horny guy before? He is staying at IPOH..
He is Single but he
likes to cheat girls around him.

His car plate no. WCC 9214 black colour Kenari.

PLEASE have your sister, girlfriend or daughter with you all the times..

He likes to smile at you and make friend and be your friendly

He will threaten and force girls to have sex with him.

This sick bastard lies all the times. He likes to gamble ,cheat girls wth msn and sms , cheat gilrs to help him clear the ‘ ‘ ah long ‘ ‘ debts…………

Please be extra careful with this guy!!!! We don ‘ t know who will be the next victim…

This is based on true story, please take a close look at him before you trash this message.

pls FORWARD this to anyone you know if you wish to warn your girl friends to be more careful.Otherwise, I have no rights to stop you from deleting this email.

PLEASE…………………. pass this on to the ones that you love, especially the ladies out here.

There wera a lot more were cheated. One of them is now suffering from mental illness.

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