Face of a Liar ?

Anybody who believes the Selangor MB is a thief ?  After 50 years, Pakatan Rakyat managed to take over the state.  Would the compromise their winning for a couple of dollars?  Well, MCA has been in power for 50 years.  Who do you guys believe is the theif ?

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Friday March 13, 2009

MB linked to illegal mining, claims rep

SHAH ALAM: A Barisan Nasional state assemblyman claims an individual closely linked to the Selangor Mentri Besar may be involved in illegal sand mining.

Kuala Kubu Baru assemblyman Wong Koon Mun said the individual concerned recently reported to the police that two of his excavators had been stolen.

“The excavators were reported stolen in an area well-known for sand theft,” said Wong in the state assembly sitting yesterday in his motion of thanks to the Sultan of Selangor’s opening address.

Wong added outsiders closely linked to Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had also stationed themselves at the fifth floor of the state secretariat building here.

In response, Bernama reported that Khalid, in a brief clarification outside the assembly hall, said there were no activities on the fifth floor of the secretariat building.

Earlier in the state assembly, Wong said only RM3mil worth of sand had been sold to date, and questioned how Khalid would raise the figure to RM50mil at the end of the year as the Mentri Besar had previously claimed.

“In the previous state assembly, the Mentri Besar had stated that the Selangor government would raise RM150mil per annum from the sale of sand. However, the figure was reduced to RM50mil in this sitting,” he said.

When contacted, Wong said he had raised the allegation in the state assembly because he wanted to ensure that Khalid responded to it.

One thought on “Face of a Liar ?

  1. bodoh Post author

    Why Barisan Nasional didn’t take action against the following case ?
    BN had 50 years! Pakatan Rakyat had not even warmed their seats for not even 5 years
    I believe PR is not the liar or sand thief

    Probe into land frauds in Selangor
    by Terence Fernandez

    PETALING JAYA (March 12, 2009) : Imagine this scenario. You are a 70-year-old man who owned a seven-hectare plot for almost three decades only to find out that its ownership has changed without your knowledge. The Land Office tells you that you had consented to the transfer although you had never stepped into the office except to pay the quit rent.

    Piang Yin points to the land he and his brother Lai Kim inherited.
    The officers produce a photocopy of your identity card which bears your details but the photograph is of a different person – and a different gender at that!

    If that is not enough to shock you, searches with the Companies Commission of Malaysia reveal that you are a director of the company that has taken over your land, yet you have never set up a company or been appointed a director of one!

    This fate that had befallen Lye Piang Yin just goes to show how far one would go to steal land from its rightful owners – an endemic problem in Selangor.

    The plot in Hulu Langat which belongs to him and his younger brother Lai Kim was the subject of a fraudulent transfer and the hidden hands of several government agencies have surfaced.

    However, there is a happy ending for the Lye brothers as on March 3, the High Court in Shah Alam issued an injunction against Propaxis Trading Sdn from claiming ownership of the land.
    Piang Yin and Lai Kim had filed the action in 2006 against Propaxis, the State Land Registrar, the director of the State Land and Mines Department, as well as the Selangor Government.

    According to court documents, the brothers who had inherited the land from their father had been paying quit rent between 1980 and 2006 when it came to their attention that the land was in the midst of being transferred.

    This was discovered by chance as lawyers of the owners of an adjoining piece of land, ABM Holdings Sdn Bhd, had done a search and discovered that land too had been transferred to the same person.

    “They alerted us that our land could also be affected,” said Piang Yin.

    In spite of Piang Yin taking a private caveat on the land and three police reports lodged, the caveat was cancelled and the land transfer took place (How the Lyes lost their land — page 2).

    When met at his land located about 1.5km from the General Operations Force headquarters in Taman Cuepacs, last Tuesday, Piang Yin, a bachelor said he got worried when he saw surveyors viewing his land –which now resembles a hilly secondary jungle – but there have since been no further activity.

    The former RTM technician said his case should prompt other land-owners to constantly check on the status of their property.

    “It just shows how easy it is for unscrupulous people to forge documents to steal what rightfully belongs to you,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, the political secretary to the Selangor mentri besar, said the state government would be hauling up officers from the land office and land and mines department as part of an internal probe into the fraud.

    “We will also be asking the authorities to investigate since there are clearly elements of criminality involved,” he said, adding that the state government is adamant to fix all issues of fraudulent land transfer from previous administrations.


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