Respect is EARNED. Not Demanded

This UMNO fucker asks his people to accept him as the Menteri Besar / Mayor of State. What the fuck. If the people do not accept you, then fuck off. You cannot simply make use of the Sultan’s name. You all balless. One with no balls or testicles or guts would rely on somebody else. That’s you. Fucking Dr Zambry

Published: Saturday February 21, 2009 MYT 4:28:00 PM
Updated: Saturday February 21, 2009 MYT 5:31:54 PM
‘Please accept me as MB’: Zambry to Perak people

IPOH: Mentri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir has appealed to the people to accept the Sultan of Perak’s decision to appoint him to rule the state.

Dr Zambry said he was aware that people were wondering whether he was truly the MB.

“I understand the question and I want to make it clear that I would not be here if my position was considered illegitimate and illegal.

“I ask from the heart that we show our readiness to the Sultan,” he said during his inaugural meeting with school principals and headmasters at the state secretariat here on Saturday.

Dr Zambry urged the people to not be overcome by emotion and to view the situation in an objective manner.

Saying he did not want to influence everyone, he called on them to look objectively at the actual causes behind the crisis recently taking Perak by storm.

“Please come to your senses. A person who is overcome by anger will not be able to come to the best decision. Let us show respect to the Sultan,” he added.

Dr Zambry added that he would not let the political crisis of the past few days, since he and his exco members were barred from assembly sittings, affect his duties as mentri besar.

Earlier, he assured educationists that the state government would continue policies to improve the quality of education, enhance the marketability of graduates, promote ICT in schools and dispense aid to institutions in need. Among other things, he announced that Perak would receive over RM25mil for education as part of the country’s economic stimulus package.

Of that figure, he said some RM2.45mil would go to preschool programmes, RM8.38mil to government-aided religious schools, RM5.96 to government-aided missionary schools, RM2.24mil to Chinese schools and RM6.82mil for Tamil schools.

Noting the reaction from those assembled, Dr Zambry urged schools officials who urgently needed upgrades and equipment to inform him so that he could request more aid from the Education Ministry.

The state also announced a RM50,000 allocation for schools to buy or upgrade orchestra equipment.

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