Government Swallowing the Rakyat’s Money Again

From the newspaper article as follows, the Transport Minister said,

“As for the vendors, it will be a joint venture between local and foreign vendors,” he said, but declined to elaborate.

Well, I can tell you that the system is already up. Malaysia already have the capability to capture cars and vehicles’ speed. There is no need for another vendor. The vendor the Transport Minister mentioned is probably a fictitous one. Then the money will go into UMNO political fund. I am sure Malaysians have heard of . that system can track vehicles and vehicle speed. So, there you go malaysians. your hard earned tax money goes to a fictitous vendor. It will probably cause RM 50 million for this fictitious vendor. This money will be pocketed to UMNO and UMNO can continue bribing Malaysians. Is this the future you want ?

Get ready to throw Barisan Nasional out.

Published: Saturday February 21, 2009 MYT 1:18:00 PM
Updated: Saturday February 21, 2009 MYT 5:37:43 PM
New automated road enforcement system by year end (Updated)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Transport Ministry will implement an automated enforcement system this year aimed at increasing efficiency and curbing corruption.

Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said that the system, similar to that practiced in several countries, would, for instance, warn road users that they were entering an area where there were speed traps.

Traffic offenders who are caught speeding will also have their summonses issued directly to them.

“Accident-prone areas will be identified and will be equipped with the necessary gadgets, so that if anyone commits an offence, it will be caught on camera.

“The system must be able to substantiate with evidence that can be produced in a court of law that a road offence has been committed,” he told reporters Saturday at the Titiwangsa MCA Chinese New Year open house.

He added that the new system would not burden the people as the quantum of the fine would remain the same.

“The difference now is that by doing so, there will no longer be discretionary exemption for fines,” he said.

He also said that cases of road rage could be more accurately monitored.

When asked, Ong said the system had been approved by the Cabinet and would be rolled out in stages nationwide by the end of the year.

The current system was “not flawless’’, he said, adding that the Ministry had to continually come up with ways to improve enforcement, and tackle the weaknesses, including the problem of bribery.

“This idea of this system has been ongoing for a while, even before I became Transport Minister but it never took off.

“As for the vendors, it will be a joint venture between local and foreign vendors,” he said, but declined to elaborate.

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