well, will definitely fuck without a condom.

Ha ha…..

what is ? It’s nothing but a site dedicated to tourism. In, we have everything from Sex, Politics, Detonator Making, and more to come (I meant CUM). Videos, Photos of almost everything can be posted here. Many Malaysians do not know that this is the place where they can express their fedup-ness over Malaysia which is a fucked up country run by BN.

Perhaps in future, would have something exactly like : –

Contact Contribute

We’re always looking for great pictures and great stories of your adventures in Malaysia! We’ll attribute your submission with your name and a link to your website if you’ve got one.

All rights remain yours to keep, and we’ll never resell or redistribute your work without asking.

So how about it? E-mail us at chrisgoh11 AT  with what you’d like to share and where you’d like it to show up and we’ll get back to you!

(Adopted from : )

Well folks, actually, we encourage authors and contributors at this site too.  It’s just that many Malaysians do not dare to write over here due to fear of ISA.  Fuck!  ISA is only in fucking Malaysia.  I am Datuk Chris Goh and I am in the USA.  What can the fucking ISA do?

Just send me an email and ask for an authorship account and I will grant you one.

You can fuck or you  can even fuck the HOLE (I meant whole) of Barisan Nasional.

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