Abdullah The Military Man

What the fuck man???!!! This Pak Lah was awarded the Green Beret.  I am sure Green Berets should be reserved for those who have military capabilities but what can Pak Lah offer.  He doesn’t even know how to set off the C4 bomb on a Mongolian Model.  I am sure he doesn’t even know how to blast a Mongolian model to pieces unlike one other leader who knows how to delegate this task of blasting a Mongolian Model to pieces.

It’s a fucking laughing stock to see Pak Lah wear the green beret.

Saturday February 14, 2009

Abdullah accorded green beret by Army chief

MERSING: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been accorded the honorary green beret by Army chief Jen Tan Sri Ismail Jamaluddin.

The ceremony was held at the Special Operations Force (GGK) parade ground at the Iskandar Camp here yesterday.

The green beret was brought by several commandos who alighted from a Nuri helicopter which landed at the parade ground.

Symbol of honour: Jen Ismail putting the commando green beret on Abdullah during his visit to Iskandar Camp, Mersing yesterday, as Special Action Group 21 chief Maj-Jen Datuk Awie Suboh looks on.

They then boarded a special operations vehicle to hand over the green beret and a blue commando lanyard to Ismail, who then put them on Abdullah, who is also the Defence Minister.

The Defence Ministry, in a statement, said the green beret was a symbol of bravery and sacrifice.

“The green beret is accorded to only those who deserve it and those honoured with the award are accepted as members of the Special Operations Force,” it added. — Ber- nama

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