Hee Bought Over by Barisan Nasional – The Corrupted Political Party

Well, is it not obvious?  She left Pakatan Rakyat because she didn’t get an exco position and she didn’t get a car.  Because of these two reasons, she left.  It shows that she needs money and power.  Who else could give her money and power ?  Well only Barisan Nasional who is corrupted would give her the money.  Now that she is contented with the money, she left Barisan Nasional.

For one fucking person to leave a party is ok.  But to cause the collapse of the Perak government is too much.  Mark my words, she will be targetted soon by people who do not like her.  She is so stupid to take this action of becoming an independent.  Many times we have hear of people getting killed over stupid mistakes and I believe she is going to get herself killed if some mad fella who is so sad over the fall of Perak becomes mad-der when he sees her.

Even now, people put up posters saying she is a traitor. Remember the goal keeper who accidentally scored a goal into his net?  When he got back to his country, he was shot.  This is how some people would react!  Hee, if you are reading this, from my kind heart, I ask you to please be careful.  I am NOT in anyway threatening you but I am just advising you.  I have seen and read how many people get killed because what they believed in and what they hoped for was taken away from them.  Just like the goal keeper incident that I just quoted.

My theory on why she left Pakatan Rakyat is that her balls (opps, she doesn’t have any… I meant boobs) were squeezed so tightly.  Wasn’t she involved in some corruption charges?  Well, BN must have told her, “hey, we have the judge and so if you want to clear yourself from corruption charges, just leave Pakatan Rakyat”.

Why then is our so called fucked up Anti-Corruption fucking Agency not doing anything?

All New All Malaysia

Friday February 6, 2009

Angry group protests at Hee’s centre

IPOH: News of Jelapang assemblyman Hee Yit Foong quitting the DAP to become an Independent has turned her into a target of harassment by Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

Around noon, a handful of DAP members and supporters turned up at Hee’s service centre along Jalan Simpang to put up a banner that reads: “Betrayer of Jelapang voters, Betrayer of Perak people” in several languages. The group left at about 12.30pm.

Meanwhile, there were rumours at about 4pm that Hee’s house had been broken into and that red paint had been splashed across her walls.

Clear target: The banner carrying the message from the Pakatan Rakyat supporters at Hee’s service centre in Ipoh Thursday.

A check on the residence, however, showed that the double-storey terrace house was intact with the doors and windows closed.

Hee’s official car, a Proton Perdana V6, was parked inside the locked compound.

Repeated attempts to contact Hee on her mobile phone and her house proved futile.

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