Don’t Worry About ISA

Dear Readers,


Don’t Need to Worry about ISA!!!

Yes.  You don’t need to worry about ISA because ‘s server is located in the US of A.  Bodohland is run and managed by Datuk Chris Goh.  Ever since he had been honoured a Datukship, he has moved away from Malaysia and set up a big IT business here in the US of A.  The main reason why he moved away from Bodohland is because majority of his IT business contracts were suddenly diverted to all UMNO-putra companies.  Well, this blog is a revenge on UMNO-putras.  and if MIC and MCA would like to swim and sink with UMNO, well, they are all going down with UMNO.

Readers, please post any comments (but don’t spam) you like without fear of being in the ISA.  Also you can request to be an author if you like.

Just email Datuk Goh at and indicate your preferred username and password.  It’s that simple.

Post anything you want and have a Happy Chinese New Year

Secretary to Datuk Chris Goh

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