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Bar Council tells MACC to stop the harassment

BAR Council, let me tell you something.  The reason why MACC is harrassing is because BN is squeezing the balls of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s Chief Commissioner (Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan).

You see Datuk Seri Ahmad’s fucking pilot son was caught with child pornography.  You know, 13 year old boy sucking an adult dick or a 13 year old girl being fucked by a big cock, underaged sex, etc. (CHILD PORNOGRAPHY)!!  I mean which fucked up mind would want to watch child pornography?  Well, Datuk Seri Ahmad’s fucked up son watched it and was going to distribute it in Australia.  But fortunately this fucker was caught.  This fucking pilot flies for MAS.  WTF ?  National Airline somemore.  His staff number is 1086993.

As you can see, when somebody holds your balls e.g.

BN to Ahmad Said: Oi fucker, if you don’t follow to my wishes i.e. to pretend to expose Khalid, I will expose your son.  Your son will go to jail for child pornography.

Ahmad Said to BN: ok ok.  please don’t send him to jail.  I will make a fictitious statement in press tomorrow.

end of story

By the Bar Council in The Nut Graph

PETALING JAYA, 26 Feb 2009: The Bar Council has come out to question the recent conduct of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), particularly in the way it handled cases related to the Perak political crisis and Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

In the statement issued today, Malaysian Bar president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said the harassment should stop.

The following is the full statement:

"There are countries around the world where the rule of law means little. In these countries, institutions that are meant to serve the interests of the public are instead tools of the government. Those that have views opposing those in power are harassed and harangued in order to wear them out or silence them. The democratic systems in these countries are constantly under attack or subjected to manipulations by those in power. The governments in these nations betray their citizens who value democracy and the rule of law.

In Malaysia we have pledged to uphold the Constitution and to respect the rule of law. We must all abide by this.

When launching the MACC two days ago, the prime minister gave the sobering advice that the MACC must not end up with the same perceptions that afflicted the ACA (Anti-corruption Agency) — of not being independent, of being a toothless tiger, of practising selective enforcement and of not being professional in their investigations, all of which damaged the ACA’s reputation and credibility.

Yet a few days before that, the MACC director, in an unusual move, had made a public statement about investigations against the menteri besar (MB) of Selangor in a way that raises serious questions about the impartiality of the commission.  Then, yesterday, the MACC reportedly interrogated the speaker of the Perak legislative assembly for three hours. The day before that, the police had interrogated him for a few hours.

These events give rise to two concerns.  One is of the harassment of the speaker and an interference with his duties, and the other is that there is an unusual haste and publicity in relation to the MB’s case when far more serious reports against others appear to have been put aside.

How then is the MACC seeking to remove the negative perceptions the prime minister spoke of?  These events also cause to question what regard the authorities really have for the interests of the public and the public perception.

The public are ever watchful of what is unfolding before them. They know what is happening. They do not wish to see our institutions undermined. They want our institutions to be impartial, independent, courageous and respected. They know that the rule of law is vital and that democratic institutions must be strong. The public must never be underestimated in their appreciation of these issues.

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Syabas boss says his RM5.1 million pay is justified

RM 5.1million ?  What the fuck.  why don’t you go down to Syabas and see how the clerks with-hold development plans.  No wonder SYABAS is corrupted.

By Neville Spykerman (The Malaysian Insider)

SHAH ALAM, Feb 26 — Tan Sri Rozali Ismail, the chairman of Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) and Puncak Niaga Sdn Bhd said today the RM5.1 million salary paid to him in 2007 for running the companies were justified.

“If you want professionals to run your company, you have to pay professional fees.”

Rozali, was speaking in response to the disclosures from the State Water Review Panel.

During a media briefing earlier, today, the panel also revealed that Syabas was financially stressed due to poor management practices, among them paying Puncak Niaga RM700,000 in management fee every month.

Klang Member of Parliament Charles Santiago, who is a member of the panel, said Syabas had been paying the fees, since 2004.

However Rozali denied any knowledge of it.

The Selangor State and Federal Government are currently in dispute over the restructuring and consolidating the water services industries in the state.

The state has offered to end the concessions and to repurchase the assets of Puncak Niaga, Syarikat Pengeluaran Air Selangor Holdings (SPLASH) and Konsortium Abbas Sdn Bhd, which treat raw water and Syabas, which distributes it to consumers.

The concessionaires have rejected the state’s offer of RM5.7 billion after the Federal Government announced they were entering into direct negotiations with the four companies.

Rozali today sidestepped questions on how much the concessionaries were seeking.

He said the actual amount would depend on Puncak Niaga and Syabas’ “golden shareholders”, which is the Ministry of Finance and their bond holders.

“We will have to get the endorsement of all parties before we can decide on the amount.”

He added that under the Water Services Industry Act 2006 , the concessionaires had a choice of maintaining the existing concession agreements or migrating to a new deal which is still being negotiated with the Federal Government.

However members of the Selangor Water Review Panel claimed today the federal government plan of buying the assets of the company while allowing them to continue treating and distribute the water as a bailout.

The panel disclosed the concessionaries collectively had debts amounting to RM6.4 billion.

Santiago said under the federal plan, the concessionaires huge debts would be taken care of while they continued making profits. “The federal plan defeats the purposed of the restructuring exercise.”

He said the concessionaires will just be called licensees under the deal and will still be able to raise water tariffs at the rate of between 10 and 12 per cent, every three years.


This is a petition calling for YB Elizabeth Wong to be reinstated. If you agree to support this petition, you are required to submit your full name i.e. your given name and your last/family name as well as the city/town and state of your residence.

This information will be displayed. Names that appear to be false or incomplete may eventually be dropped from this petition before its submission. Collation of signatures in support of this petition will continue until the end of February 2009 but this is subject to the developments surrounding the issue. This petition together with a list of the signatories thereto will be sent to the Chief Minister of Selangor, the General Leader of PKR as well as the political parties within the Pakatan Rakyat.


BN the Fucking Gangster

Friday February 27, 2009

Group confronts Karpal


A GROUP of 22 men claiming to be Selangor Umno Youth members confronted DAP chairman Karpal Singh just outside the Parliament tower block yesterday.

In the 2.45pm incident, the men surrounded the Bukit Gelugor MP, shouting and demanding that he retract the word celaka which he had used in reference to Umno Youth during his debate speech on Wednesday.

Unlike other MPs, Karpal Singh – who is wheelchair-bound – uses the ramp at the tower block to enter the Parliament building.

Face of fury: Gobind Singh Deo (DAP-Puchong), the son of Karpal Singh (DAP – Bukit Gelugor), being restrained by security personnel as he confronts Umno Youth members who had gone to Parliament House and surrounded his father, demanding an apology for Karpal Singh’s accusations against the wing a day earlier. – Pix by AZMAN GHANI/THE STAR

Four other MPs – Lim Lip Eng (DAP – Segambut), Fong Kui Lun (DAP – Bukit Bintang), Chong Chieng Jen (DAP – Bandar Kuching) and N. Gobalakrishnan (PKR – Padang Serai) – went to Karpal Singh’s aid after being informed by security guards.

At the same time, Fong Po Kuan (DAP – Batu Gajah) received a call from Karpal Singh’s aide and went over as well.

By then, Lim’s tie and coat had been pulled by the men in full view of Parliament security.

During the commotion, Fong shouted: “Where is security? Where is security?” and a reply was heard: “We only jaga (look after) inside (Parliament), not outside.”

Soon, reporters and others at the Parliament lobby rushed out to the entrance and to the windows to witness the commotion.

Even after Karpal Singh had entered the Dewan at 3pm, the group of men continued to loiter at the entrance.

Getting physical: Lim and Gobalakrishnan scuffling with an Umno Youth member (left) yesterday.

At one point, Gobind Singh Deo (DAP – Puchong) came out of the tower block and challenged the men to a “one-to-one fight”. They moved away after the security guards stepped in.

In the House, Karpal Singh raised the matter immediately.

He said he was blocked by about 15 Umno men who acted like gangsters and who told him to apologise or else he could not go into the House.

“(How) Can such a thing happen in Parliament?” he exclaimed.

Karpal Singh said that he called the (in-house) police for help but no one came to his aid except for his party members.

“What protection as a Speaker will you give us?” he asked.

Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia replied that such threats were not condoned in Parliament and that he would ask the police and the relevant Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department to investigate.

Chong asked whether investigations could be carried out immediately since the guards were still at the entrance.

During the debate on Wednesday, Karpal Singh had uttered the word celaka against Umno Youth and also pointed the finger at the wing for the “bullets and threatening letter” he had received in Penang.

The confrontation was the latest in a “series of threats” levelled against the outspoken MP, who had riled some quarters for his statement that the Sultan of Perak could be taken to court for his role in the Perak crisis.

Chua’s sex tape–here is the full version

What so fucking big deal about it, you can view the full length of doggie fucking at

MCA president brushes aside rumours over Chua’s sex tape


PUTRAJAYA: MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat has brushed aside allegations that he and certain other leaders from the party were behind the resurfacing of sex DVD featuring former health minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Ong said that when the DVDs initially surfaced early last year, his predecessor Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and the then deputy president Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy were blamed as the ones behind its distribution.

Najib, MACC director’s son was caught having child pornography. Even if a whistle blower tells the truth, you hold the director’s balls

Najib, MACC director’s son was caught having child pornography.  Even if a whistle blower tells the truth, you hold the director’s balls

Published: Thursday February 26, 2009 MYT 1:22:00 PM

Najib: You lie, you pay

KUALA LUMPUR : Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak warned Thursday that anyone who makes a false report to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will be prosecuted.

Those who abused the statutory declaration would also face the same action, the deputy prime minister said.

"They will pay the price," he told reporters after opening the Developing Eight (D8) Ministers Meeting on Food Security here on behalf of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Najib, who is also Finance Minister, was asked to comment on the action of two Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat state assemblymen who lodged reports with the MACC Wednesday claiming that they had been offered money and posts to leave the party.

Malim Nawar assemblyman Keshvinder Singh and Kuala Kurau assemblyman Abdul Yunus Jamahri lodged the separate reports against several Barisan Nasional and federal leaders at the Perak MACC office. Najib said it was up to the MACC to investigate the claims of the two assemblymen.

"I don’t know what their allegations are. Let the MACC investigate," he said.

Asked about his name also being mentioned in the reports, he said: No. I did not make any offers to anyone."

On claims by the two that they had strong proof, he said: "Of course, they’ll say that. Let the commission investigate. As I’ve said, if they make false reports they will pay for it." – Bernama

Not Doctor Photo of Miss Elizabeth Wong! Finally Uploaded

Dear Friends,

I had promised you all that I would upload a “not doctor photo of Miss Elizabeth Wong”.


I have received more than 10 comments but some of the comments were distasteful (from my point of view) especially to Ms. Elizabeth Wong. Actually, I respect Ms. Elizabeth Wong but I shall not break my promise. Ms. Elizabeth Wong is a kind and good lady but had been manupilated by some dirty politicians especially Khir Toyo and the rest of the Barisan Nasional bastards. You see, when Ms. Elizabeth wong’s photo surfaced, Khir Toyo was fast to ask her to step down. Well Khir Toyo, what about you and your billion dollar watch and what about you and the burnt down Great Wall super market. What about you and the Sentul Bus Station? Why the MACC doesn’t go after you ?

Anyways, MACC is not clean anyways. You see, MACC director is quick in saying there is credible evidence that Khalid is corrupted. but you guys must know that MACC’s director’s son was once caught for having child pornography in australia. Now, why Khir Toyo doesn’t ask the MACC director to step down ?

Malaysia boleh.

Ok, back to Ms. Elizabeth wong’s photo. You see, the title says, “Not doctor Photo of Miss Elizabeth Wong”. To me, the Doctor means a PhD holder.
So, I here a Medical Doctor Photo of Ms. Elizabeth Wong.
ha ha ha … now get back to work and stop harassing Ms. Elizabeth Wong but start harassing Khir Toyo whose cock got suck below

Why the MACC Announced that There is Evidence on Khalid?

well, ever wonder why MACC was so willingly to announce to the public that there is evidence on Khalid being corrupted ?  Well, it’s because Barisan Nasional caught hold of MACC Director’s boss.  Well, not actually catching his balls but catching the balls of his fucking pilot son-in-law who flies for MAS.  That fucking pilot’s name is Ahmad Said. See the 12th Feb 2008 news.  Well, apparently he is still flying for fucking MAS.

see also

Tuesday February 12, 2008

‘Porn pilot’ ‘under probe


PETALING JAYA: The Malaysia Airlines (MAS) pilot, who was caught and fined for importing child pornography in Adelaide, has been relieved of flying duties to facilitate an internal enquiry by the national carrier.

In a statement, MAS group human resources senior general manager Effendi Abdul Rahman said:

“We are first conducting an internal enquiry into this matter. Based on the findings, any further action taken will be in accordance with the MoU between Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysia Airlines Pilots Association (MAPA).”

The pilot, who was identified by Australian news portals ABC News and the Adelaide Advertiser as Ahmad Said, 25, was arrested by Customs officers at the Adelaide International Airport last Thursday after they found three video files containing child pornography in his laptop.

ABC News said that when the pilot arrived at the airport, he told them he did not have anything to declare.

But when Customs officers searched his laptop, they found the child video files.

The Adelaide Advertiser reported that the videos were titled “Reped Virgin”, “10-Year Old” and “High School Students.”

His lawyer told the court that Ahmad had been e-mailed the video files and had not shown them to anyone else.

“He was simply reckless, this was not material brought in to be disseminated,” lawyer Stephen Barratt had told the Adelaide court.

20 Corruption Cases of Khir Toyo

20 kes rasuah Khir Toyo

1. Meluluskan projek pembinajalan merentasi bendang termahal, di Sekinchan, sejauh 20.5 km,bernilai RM92.5 juta kepada kontraktor yang hampir disenaraihitamkan, Meram Holdings.

Menurut taksiran JKR, kos jalanitu tidak boleh melebihi RM50 juta. Subkontraktor yang menjalan semuaprojek berkenaan, Cabaran Wangsa, di miliki Pua Kim An, 27 tahun, tuanrumah yang pernah disewa oleh Khir, manakala seorang lagi pengarahsyarikat, Ahmad Tarmizi Tajjeury adalah kroni Khir yang juga mendapat100 ekar tanah yang memberi keuntungan minimum RM20 juta.

2. Meluluskan tanah 400 ekar diShah Alam, pada 20 Disember 2000 kepada empat syarikat berbeza (LayarKekal/ Tirai Gemilang, Samasys, Usahasewa Sdn Bhd), tetapi seorang namapengarahnya (Samsuri Rahmat) hadir dalam semua syarikat tersebut, iaituseolah- olah Khir meluluskan tanah berpontensi tinggi itu kepada seorangsahaja.

Nilai tanah di kawasanberkenaan boleh mencapai RM1 juta untuk satu ekar. Samsuri boleh untungminimum RM300 juta dari tanah tersebut.

3.Meluluskan tanah kepada kroninya secara berulang kali dalam tempoh masasingkat. Daripada hanya dua mesyuarat Exco Kerajaan Negeri yang diambilsecara rawak, iaitu pada 20 Nov. 2000 dan 4 Julai 2001,sekurang- kurangnya empat nama bertindan yang mendapat 100 ekar setiaporang, Ahmad Tarmizi Tajjeury, A.Rahman Mokhtar, Suzilawani Mustaphindan Ali Nordin. Semua mereka ada hubungan, sama ada dengan Khir ataupunSetpol, Dr Karim Mansor. Sebahagian tanah ini telah dijual, danpemiliknya boleh mengaut keuntungan RM200,000 seekar tanpa mengeluarkanmodal walaupun satu sen.

4. Meluluskan tanah seluas 50ekar setiap seorang kepada empat pemohon yang hanya baru berusia 20tahun (Ahmad Azmir, Noor Ashikin, Mardhiah, Azril Yusri).Salah seorangdarinya adalah anak pegawai Daerah Kuala Langat, di mana lokasi tanahitu dikesan. Difahamkan sebahagian anak-anak muda ini tidak tahu punyang mereka mendapat tanah berkenaan kerana mereka hanya penama bagipihak yang rapat dengan Khir. Mereka ini hanya menjadi pengarahsyarikat, tidak pun sampai 40 hari sebelum Exco meluluskan permohonanmereka. Beberapa syarikat terbabit dikenal pasti mempunyai pemegangsyer yang sama, yang terdiri dari dua wanita yang ketika permohonandiluluska n baru berumur 24 tahun.

5. Bagaimana Khir, pada bulanMac 2001, hanya selepas 5 bulan menjadi MB, boleh membayar semua bakipinjaman rumahnya sebanyak RM150,000 secara tunai kepada BBMB Kajang.Kalaupun beliau tidak membelanjakan langsung elaun MBnya, beliau tidakmampu membayar semua pinjamannya itu.Rumah itu juga diubahsuai dengankos yang besar, ini belum lagi dikira kos membina rumahnya sekarang diSimpang Lima, Tanjung karang, yang menelan belanja lebih RM300,000.

6. Menggunakan kuasa danpengaruhnya sebagai Pengerusi PKNS untuk mendapatkan sebidang tapakbanglo di Lot 14, Jalan 2/1G, Seksyen 2 Tambahan, Bandar Baru Bangidengan diskaun hebat, 50%. Khir berbohong di Dun Selangor pada 31Oktober 2001 apabila mendakwa beliau tidak membeli tanah itu, kononnyakerana tidak mampu dan dia juga menafikan pernah menerima dua tawarandari PKNS dengan harga yang berbeza-beza. Salinan pembayarannya telahdiperolehi.

7. Khir memberi sumbanganperibadiny a, berbentuk telur ayam, ayam dan peralatan sekolah kepadapengundi di kawasannya, di Sungai Panjang pada 25 Disember 2000.Nilainya hampir RM200 ribu. Apabila dipersoalkan dari mana sumberkewangannya, beliau, melalui akhbar Malay Mail pada 15 Januari 2001mendakwa sumbangan ayam diperolehi dari Lintang Bistari Sdn Bhd sebuahsyarikat bumiputera yang menurut Khir adalah syarikat ternakan ayamterbesar di Sungai Panjang. tinjauan menunjukkan bukan ayam atau rebantidak ada di kawasan berkenaan, malahan bulu dan tahi ayam pun tiada.

8. Pada 17-18 April 2001,meluluskan kawasan kayu balak Kompartment 78 Hutan Simpan Hulu Langatkepada Fungsi Mewah Sdn. Bhd, seluas lebih 1200 ekar. Fungsi Mewahdimiliki oleh Pua Kim Seng, adik Pua Kim An, yang mana rumahnyabersebelaha n rumah sewa Khir di Sekinchan dahulu. Pua Kim An jugadikesan mendapat tanah 100 ekar di Shah Alam. Keluarga Pua inimenyumbangkan dana kewangan yang besar kepada Khir semasa kempenpilihan raya 1999 dahulu.

9.Projek membekal dan memasangpaip air besi keluli MS1200mm, dari Semenyih ke Banting sejauh 37.3 km,bernilai RM82,385,182. . Projek ini terlalu mahal dari taksiran awal,yang tidak boleh melebihi RM40 juta. Dan jika sumber air diambil dariPekan Dengkil kemungkinan jaraknya dapat dipendekkan menjadi hanya 20km dan ini lebih menguntungkan. Ahli keluarga terdekat Khir didakwamendapat imbuhan berpuluh juta daripada kontraktor LBH Engineering.

10. Meluluskan konsesimembekalkan peralatan paip air untuk jabatan Bekalan Air Selangorkepada syarikat milik Naib Ketua Umno Tanjong Karang, JAKS Sdn Bhd.Harga paip JAKS 50% lebih tinggi daripada harga kilang.. Bayangkan,untuk 1 meter paip, harga JAKS adalah RM900 sedangkan harga kilanghanya RM600. Selangor mahu tukar 5,000 km paip,jadi berapa untung JAKS?

11. Meluluskan kawasan balak diKompatmen 78, Hutan Simpan Hulu Langat, seluas lebih 1,200 ekar kepadaFungsi Mewah, milik Pua Kim Seng, iaitu abang kepada Pua Kim Seng,bekas tuan rumah yang pernah disewa Khir di Sekinchan. Keluarga Pua inijuga mendapat kontrak membina jalan termahal (RM4.6 juta untuk1km)merentasi sawah padi daripada Meram Holdings, kontraktor yanghampir disenarai-hitamkan.

12. Khir membayar RM10,000sebulan bagi tapak banglonya, di Lot 14, Jalan 2/1G, Seksyen 2Tambahan, Bandar Baru Bangi, yang dibelinya daripada PKNS dengan hargadiskaun 50 peratus. Sumber pendapatannya dipertikai kerana sebelum inibeliau membayar tunai RM150,000 untuk selesaikan pinjaman rumahnya diKajang, selepas lima bulan menjadi MB.

13. Beliau mengarahkan PengarahJKR Selangor, melalui nota pensil (agar dapat dipadam jika timbulkontroversi kelak), agar menyerahkan projek yang membawa keuntunganlumayan kepada kontraktor kroni. Antara projek terbabit ialah pembinaanjalan di Sabak Bernam, masjid di Puchong Perdana, kem wataniah dankuaters kakitangan SUK di Shah Alam.

14. Khir mempunyai hubunganrapat dengan kontraktor yang memohon projek kerajaan negeri, misalnyabeliau bersama keluarga pernah bermalam di sebuah resort mewah di JandaBaik milik kroninya. Majulia Sdn.. Bhd. Ini bercanggah dengan suratakujanji yang ditandatanganinya di depan Sultan Selangor.

15. Menswastakan kutipantunggakan pembayaran ansuran bulanan rumah awam kos rendah seluruhSelangor kepada syarikat kroni, Noble Nexus Sdn Bhd melalui perjanjiankonsesi pada 27 September 2001. Untung lumayan dapat dipungut secaramudah kerana tugas Nobel Nexus hanya menghantar notis saman dan 30%kutipan menjadi miliknya.

16. Meluluskan pembeliankenderaan rasmi kepada Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor dan Menteri Besar(dirinya sendiri) melalui mesyuarat Exco ke 25/2001 pada 26 September2001, tanpa melalui prosedur yang lazim digunakan. Usia kereta rasmi MBbelum sampai lima tahun (didaftarkan pada Jun 1997), dan tempoh Khirmenjadi MB baru setahun iaitu tidak sampai lima tahun sepertisepatutnya. Beliau juga tidak merujuk kes ini kepada Perbendaharaan danIbu pejabat JKR di Kuala Lumpur. Meskipun menyentuh kepentingannya, dimana kereta rasminya Merc S320L, no. plat BGF7337 ditawar untuk dijualkepadanya, Khir masih mempengerusikan mesyuarat dan tidak mengisytiharkepenti ngannya.

17. Khir mengarahkan agar semuaminit dan kertas mesyuarat exco dikutip semula selepas mesyuarat tamat,manakala segala bahan-bahan penting mesyuarat Exco yangdipengerusikann ya sejak Ogos 2000 tidak dibenarkan disimpan oleh Excolain. Selalunya kertas-kertas penting itu diedarkan kepada anggota Excosehari sebelum mesyuarat, iaitu pada Selasa, tetapi selepas isurasuahnya terbongkar, ia hanya diserahkan selepas setiap Exco duduk dikerusi masing-masing. Maknanya, "Exco Selangor masuk mesyuaratberlenggan g, keluar pun berlenggang. "

18. Meluluskan hampir 11 ekartanah di Bandar Baru Bangi, yang diwartakan sebagai kawasan rekreasi,kepada syarikat kroni, Bestarama Sdn Bhd. Masyarakat setempat membuatbantahan kerana setakat ini banyak kawasan hijau dibangunkan demimengejar keuntungan lumayan. Bestarama boleh untung segera lebih RM14juta. Menariknya, pemegang syer Bestarama juga pemegang syer NobleNexus. Kedua-dua wanita itu hanya penama bagi suku-sakat Khir.

19. Menggunakan ratusan riburinggit wang kerajaan negeri untuk membeli iklan dua muka penuhberwarna dalam Utusan Malaysia, sekurang-kurangnya pada 1 Feb, 16 Mac2002, bagi menjawab serangan Lutfi Othman yang mendakwa Khirmengagihkan tanah (yang luas dan mahal), pelbagai projek besar, balak,buat kroni dan suku-sakatnya.

20. Mengeksploit mesyuaratMajlis Tindakan ekonomi Selangor (MTES), untuk meluluskan segala tanah& projek kepada sesiapa yang disukainya tanpa kehadiran Exco lain.Mesyuarat Exco esoknya (pada setiap Rabu) hanya mengesahkan saja. MTES,menurut bekas penasihat undang-undang negeri, adalah tidak sah darisegi legal kerana ia merampas kuasa mesyuarat Exco.