Useless Klang Police Station
Well the police station is located along the Little India street.  but the ROYAL MALAYSIAN POLICE do not have enough balls to take action against law breakers. The police station is here Little India is here (Jalan Tengku Kelana). Fuck the police and there is no law in bodohland
No rules in Klang's Little India
By Philip Andrew     October 06, 2008      Categories: News Months after Malay Mail highlighted the disregard for rules by traders at Klang’s Little India, the continued lack of enforcement by the Klang Municipal Council is causing pedestrians to dice with danger daily as they are forced to walk at the edge of the busy Jalan Tengku Kelana because the errant traders are hogging the five-foot-way on both sides of the road. J. Ayavoo, 58, who lives nearby, was on several occasions almost knocked down by passing vehicles as he has to walk past the Little India area daily. "I live alone and to get to the nearest eatery, I am forced to use this path because I would have to otherwise take a very long route around the traders," he said. "Furthermore, the longer routes pass through backlanes which are dark and lonely. I fear for my safety, whichever route I take." Ayavoo said that the situation was not as bad before. "It has been getting worse over the past 10 years, and is especially bad during the lead-up to the Deepavali celebration." During this festive period, traders often take up a part of the road to display their wares, further causing traffic congestion, Ayavoo said. "I have complained to the local council many times, but the officers there rarely visit this area. What are they doing? The State government promised a people-friendly administration but judging from what goes on here, it seems that it does not really care for the people." It has been learnt that the council had given out trading licences for 180 lots in the area that can barely accommodate half the number. Worse, most of these trading lots have been marked out on pedestrian walkways, compounding the problem. "I hope that the council president will come visit this area soon and see just how bad the situation is, especially after dark," pleaded Ayavoo.

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