Foul Mouth Song Kee Chai

Dear Sir,

I am from Klang.  I used to visit many places in Klang e.g. Cafe, mamak stalls etc.  I had also the opportunity to be sitting one or two tables away from Datuk Song Kee Chai.


As a leader of MCA, I feel that one should behave themselves in public.  There was not once but in many instances where he was having a discussion with a group of people in a cafe in Klang called Gardini Cafe and Brasserie located at Garden business Centre, No.3 Jalan Istana, 4100, klang, Sclangor Darul Ehsan. Viewing him as a leader, I did not expect him to be so foul mouth.  To make matters worse, he uttered vulgarities even in front of ladies.  This is the part that irritates me the most.  I know that you may feel that I am writting without evidences and therefore I am just making up this story but I am telling you the truth and you have to trust me.  I wish I could have recorded his discussion but I didn’t.  I hope that you could upload my email and let people who have seen him in public swearing obsenity comment if what I said is true.


(Name Omitted as Requested)

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