2 thoughts on “This Is Umno’s Message to Kuala Terengganu Chinese Folks….

  1. ktteokt

    I think these idiots never learn! What ketuanan Melayu are they claiming if the other races in Malaysia do not admit being inferior! Just because a Malay was sent to outer space to become the first “space tourist” who tossed roti canai, spun a gasing and pulled teh tarik in outer space, they claim to be more superior than others????

  2. ktteokt

    And not to forget he took the trip at the expense of the rakyat of Malaysia! Every citizen paid for this IDIOT to take the trip, escorted by two Russian astronauts, to outer space to do these “useless” experiments. MALAYSIA betul-betul BOLEHlah (MATI)!!!!! Is this how the government of Malaysia show the world that it is a “negara yang berasaskan sains dan teknologi” as proclaimed in the RUKUNEGARA???


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