Stupid Malaysians Boycott US Brands

These stupid UMNO Malaysians did not use their brains. There are many Malays working as factory workers Coca Cola factory in Malaysia.  Also got a lot of people working in Starbucks in Malaysia.  They forget Starbucks owning by Berjaya. 

Theses stupid UMNO people never think when boycott.  Every time boycott they like monkey like Khairy Jamalludin.  I think next election all BN will lose

Thursday January 8, 2009

Boycott of US brands to begin tomorrow

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association will spearhead the nationwide boycott of US-made products after Friday’s prayers at the National Mosque.

Secretary-general Datuk Dr Maamor Osman said the products that were targeted included cola soft drinks, gourmet coffee and cosmetics.

The operators of Muslim restaurants would also stop selling cola drinks at their premises, he added.

Dr Maamor said Malaysians should support the boycott, which would show that consumer power was an effective weapon against the US states and its close ally Israel.

“We are also targeting these companies because they have subsidiaries here.

“Consumers have other brands they can buy,” he said.

Association project director Noor Norwandy Mat Noordin said a drop in sales would send a stronger, lasting message about the situation in Pales- tine.

Malaysian Muslim Solidarity Movement president Datuk Zulkifli Mohamad urged members of the Organisation of the Islamic Confe- rence to take a stronger stand against Israel’s actions.

The boycott move came after former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad urged the global community to not buy American-made products and the US currency to pressure the US government to stop supporting Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

2 thoughts on “Stupid Malaysians Boycott US Brands

  1. ktteokt

    The government might as well call for a ban on KFC, MacDonalds and Pizza Hut for all these are American products! Then you will find a lot of Malay unemployed on the street which will add salt to the wound of the unemployment market in Malaysia!!!! MALAYSIA benar-benar BOLEH (mati) LAH!!!!!!

  2. bodoh Post author

    yes. ask the stupid UMNO fanatics to ask their men to stop working in Coca Cola Factories, MacDonalds outlet, Pizza Hut outlut, starbucks outlet.


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