My Point of View of Lim Soon Peng and Khir Toyo


Let’s talk about the recent fiasco over the shifting of the bus terminal from the old Great Wall, Jalan Batu Tiga, Klang to the new location in Sentral, Klang.  These are my point of views

The Burned Down Great Wall

There must had been pressure for the occupants in the Great Wall to move out.  The rental in the Great Wall supermarket must be chicken feed and many occupants were reluctant to move out.


A Developer in Need of Attraction

In order for any project to be successful, the developer must attract crowd to his development.


The Arson

Considering that not many occupants in the Great Wall Shopping Centre were eager to leave their rented shops since they were paying dirt cheap rental fees, the only way to move them out is by force.  Obviously if you hire thugs, it would look very obvious.  The only way to chase away the occupants would be to burn the Great Wall Shopping Centre.


Rigid Structure but Declared Unsafe

Please bear in mind that the Great Wall Shopping Centre is made from Reinforced Concrete Structure.  These sort of structure is known to withstand heat and fire for prolonged periods of time.  Unlike the World Trade Centre, consisting of steel, it melted in no time.  Great Wall Shopping Centre’s damage wasn’t that severe since the Fire Department is merely  less than 1 km away and the fire was easily controlled.

Even during demolition, heavey machineries were seen on top of the first floor.  However, MPK certified that the building was unsafe.


Safe Foundation

Even if the structure is not safe, the foundation is definitely useable and definitely safe.  The fire do not go into the ground and burn the wet ground.  Furhermore the ground is protected with a concrete floor.  The foundation is definitely safe.  If the foundation is safe, one can easily build another buildingusing the old foundations.

But somehow, MPK who is supposed to be well versed with engineering decided to turn a place with lots of foundation into a park.  They have some sort of hidden agenda of not making use of the foundation to rebuild the shopping mall.  The hidden agenda which I think is to give way to the developer Lim Soon Peng of TitiJaya.


Titijaya’s Development

Some of the ongoing projects by Lim Soon Peng which are very near the Sentral Bus station are as follows: –

Klang Sentral Commercial Centre, Klang – Phase 1 Shop/Offices – 3 Storey Shop / Office

Sentral Walk – 22′ X 70′ First and Only 3&4 Storey

Mutiara Point Business Park – Jalan Meru, Klang – Shopping Centre


Proposed Investigations

Obviously the ACA must be sleeping for not investigating this incident.  The ACA must also be sleeping because they are not investigating the Income Tax department and Lim Soon Peng.   Can you imagine, the Income Tax department in Klang shifted just accross one street to an area which has inadequate car parking facilities.  I really wonder why.


Why Build Another Bus Station When The Old One Can Be Used ?

I mentioned earlier that the foundation of Great Wall can be re-used.  Why is it that MPK decide to build another bus station?  If they build the Sentral Bus Station, they have to pay the cost of piling plus structure.  If they rebuild Great Wall, they only pay for demolition works and structure which is much cheaper.  You may argue saying demolition is expensite (believe me it’s dirt cheap) but if demolition works are expensive, then why MPK demolished the Great Wall anyway and not leave it alone?


The Days Before Election

Days before the General Election in 2008, Lim Soon Peng was seen with Khir Toyo in many functions.  But Toyo’s days were numbered because many people can see truth.

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