2,000 illegal banners removed within a week
The Star Tuesday December 9, 2008 2,000 illegal banners removed within a week By JADE CHAN IN just a week, residents of Kampung Tunku in Petaling Jaya have removed 2,000 illegal banners in their neighbourhood. They are participating in a two-month campaign launched on Dec 1 by Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San to remove all illegal banners in his constituency. “The campaign was launched to take down illegal banners in the Kampung Tunku constituency, and to empower the people to take care of their area,” Lau said. Getting residents involved: Kampung Tunku Lau Weng San with some of the illegal banners collected from his constituency. The two-month campaign has netted 2,000 illegal banners within its first week. “It is also aimed at helping the MBPJ (Petaling Jaya City Council) to remove illegal banners as it is facing manpower shortage in its enforcement task,” he said. “Residents can cut down whatever illegal banners they see and bring them to my office to claim their rewards,” Lau said. According to Lau, the illegal banners are those that do not have permits from the MBPJ. The legal banners have licences from the MBPJ authorising the commercial firms to put up and display their advertisement banners. A legal banner is identified by a sticker, shaped as a square or triangle, with the company’s account number, duration the banner can be displayed and a serial number “The campaign focuses on the illegal commercial banners only. Those put up by governmental bodies or for charity, social or non-profit purposes will be allowed,” Lau said. He said funding for the “rewards” would come from his constituency development fund. The rewards ranged from RM1 for a banner measuring less than 2ft x 2ft (0.6m x 0.6m) to RM5 for a banner exceeding 3ft x 6ft (0.9m x 1.8m). Besides the large number of Ah Long (loan shark) banners, there are others advertising tuition classes, food delivery, printing services, TV antenna installation and water filters. “The campaign is meant for Kampung Tunku residents. I don’t mind people bringing in banners from other parts of PJ, but my priority is to clean up Kampung Tunku,” Lau said. “This campaign is done on an experimental basis. If it is effective, I will propose to the MBPJ and state government to take it up,” he said. “What is important is the results. So far, the campaign has been quite effective as the streets of Kampung Tunku are now quite clean,” Lau said. For details on the campaign, visit Lau’s website at wengsan.blogspot.com. Here's why Loan Sharks can't be removed from the society!  It's because the police themselves are involved either directly or indirectly.  See how posters are placed right next to the police station.  I believe some money laundering scheme is on going here and some big shot UMNO or Barisan Nasional people must be involved.  Bastards.

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  1. ktteokt

    Some of the road signs, traffic signs and other municipal notice boards have been totally defaced by these “Ah Longs” in their advertising campaign. Just wondering why the government is not taking action against them and still provides them with “free” notice boards!


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