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Busted – gang extorting nightclubs

The Star

Saturday December 20, 2008

Busted – gang extorting nightclubs

KUALA LUMPUR: An extortion gang wanted for terrorising nightclubs in Sri Hartamas was busted by police on Thursday night with the arrest of five men.

The five, aged between 20 and 46, were said to be working as security guards, parking attendants and bouncers.

They targeted entertainment outlets and demanded “protection money” from several pub owners in the area.

Brickfields police chief Asst Comm Wan Bari Wan Abdul Khalid said they would break into and damage premises of owners who did not pay up.

In the latest incident on Thursday, two popular nightclubs had their front windows smashed in the wee hours of the morning.

One of the nightclub owners, who declined to be named, said he was previously approached by gang members asking for protection money but refused to pay them.

“I was shocked to find the windows completely smashed and broken glass everywhere,” he said.

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Ku Chin Wah said the incident occurred around 4am when men on motorcycles used helmets and golf clubs to vandalise the premises.

Police are looking for two men to assist in investigations.

They are Balakrishnan a/l Mahagaran @ Joe, 28, whose last known address is at Taman Danau Desa, Jalan Kelang Lama and Shankar a/l Ramasamy @ Shan, 39, from Lot 2, Sri Pahang, Bukit Bangsar.

Those with information are urged to contact the Brickfields Police Headquartes at 03-2774 0222.

Fuck Jimmy Choo–hell with his shoes!!!

Today We Call Out Jimmy Choo For Attempted Reverse Domain Hijacking: Why Is There No Penalty For This?

December 19th, 2008 · No Comments

Anyone who reads this blog knows we are squarely again blatant trademark infringing domains, the companies and platforms that sell them, and those who buy them.

However, we are also strongly opposed to large companies trying to take advantage of their wealth, power and ability to pay large legal fees to basically steal domains they have no right to.

He is a case of one such company, Jimmy Choo, the maker of fine footwear made even more famous by Sex in The City.

So here’s the story.

Jimmy Choo lawyers sent a letter, you know the type, threatening a women who owns a small internet gift shop, telling her she must agree, by Tuesday, to give up its name or face a lawsuit.

Actually, the owner of, registered for her own trademark, when they were first contacted by Jimmy Choo, telling her new company to drop plans to trademark its name or get sued.

She and business partner were prepared to do that, but then another letter this week asked that the company cease using the domain

Moreover, not only did they lawyers for Jimmy Choo demand this women stop using the domain, they “want us to send all our business cards and any printed material that we have to them as well.”

Here’s the kicker, the site does not sell shoes.

Nor is it a parking site serving up ads containing the trademarked term.

Instead the site features gifts such as a teddy bears, a Venetian glass bracelets and a hot pink bean bags.

“There is absolutely no comparison, there’s nothing remotely even similar in our branding, in the products that we sell.” to Jimmy Choo’s products.

In the latest letter, Jimmy Choo’s counsel, asks Kookychoo to “agree that you will never use the Kookychoo trademark or any other trademark that is similar to Jimmy Choo or Choo in relation to any goods or services that are identical or similar to the goods covered by our client’s registered trademarks”.

Mrs James said lawyers had told her that she might have a case, but it would cost upwards of $50,000 to fight it.

“I’m a mother of seven and I live out on a little farm, there’s no way I have those kind of funds.”

Yesterday she was preparing to accede to the company’s demands.

No doubt, just as bad as a bang on  trademark infringement, are bang on thefts of people’s domain name.

It looks like this company wants any domain ending in “choo” and with the funds to support this legal theft they can pick off people who cannot afford to defend themselves.

When Congress moves on CADNA efforts for stronger trademark laws, next year, I urge the ICA and all domainers to move for a fine or penalty to be imposed, if a judge or WIPO panel determines that the case amounts to reserve hijacking.

Right now domain holders are subject to civil fines and damages if a case is filed in federal court.

Why shouldn’t a company engaged in reverse domain hijacking be liable for the same amount of fines for in its attempt to steal a domain?

Right now we have a situation where a company can play this game risk free.

All they have to do now is pay an attorney a few bucks to write a letter, and if the domain holder can’t afford to fight the case which is going to be 99% of the time, they get something they have no right to for free.  There is no financial downside, because there is no fine or penalty in place for “trademark” holders who go after domains they have no right to.  If there was a $100,000 per domain, fine or damages, for bringing such an action, these companies would have to think twice before stealing other people’s property.

In the meantime keep this case in mind next time your shopping for “choo”s


Today We Call Out Jimmy Choo For Attempted Reverse Domain Hijacking: Why Is There No Penalty For This?

Incompetent Police of Malaysia

Thursday December 18, 2008

Why aren’t police beat bases doing their job?

IT is ironic that a friend visiting Malaysia inquired if the country is safe since he has not seen any policemen on the streets in Kuala Lumpur for the past two days. While the police claim that the crime rate in Malaysia is relatively low, I wonder if anyone in Kuala Lumpur doesn’t know of a theft victim!

I live in Taman Connaught where we now have a police beat base on both sides of the highway after numerous complaints from residents. There are so many break-in and snatch theft incidences recently that one wonders what is the purpose of the beat base.

For the past two years, I have only seen the police patrolling the neighbourhood once.

Although a big banner at the beat base says you can make a police report anywhere, victims who make a report at the beat base still have to go to the Pudu police station to meet the investigating officer.

In the wee hours of most weekends, Mat Rempits create a nuisance on the highway in front of these beat bases despite numerous complaints. And during the pasar malam every Wednesday, cars are parked haphazardly, blocking traffic in front of the police beatbases.

In another incident recently, a friend’s car window was smashed and her handbag stolen at the Salak Selatan LRT parking lot.

Imagine her surprise when the attending police officer at the station right across the parking lot informed her that such incidents happen regularly.

Aren’t they paid to ensure the safety of citizens? Or is preventing snatch thefts and burglary not a priority for neighbourhood police stations?


Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

The Real Datuk Goh

The real Datuk Goh, will never never ever prey on the weak!!


‘Datuk Kabi’ arrested

KUALA LUMPUR: A suspected fraudster who has been calling himself ‘Datuk Kabi’ has been arrested for allegedly swindling over 30 victims, including professionals.

The 29-year-old man, who is said to have issued cheques from a closed bank account to buy and rent houses and also to purchase other goods, was picked up by a special unit from the Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes department at about 7pm in Ampang last night.

Federal Commercial Crimes Inves–tigation Department Director Comm Datuk Koh Hong Sun confirmed the arrest but declined to reveal further details.

2,000 illegal banners removed within a week

The Star

Tuesday December 9, 2008
2,000 illegal banners removed within a week

IN just a week, residents of Kampung Tunku in Petaling Jaya have removed 2,000 illegal banners in their neighbourhood.

They are participating in a two-month campaign launched on Dec 1 by Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San to remove all illegal banners in his constituency.

“The campaign was launched to take down illegal banners in the Kampung Tunku constituency, and to empower the people to take care of their area,” Lau said.
Getting residents involved: Kampung Tunku Lau Weng San with some of the illegal banners collected from his constituency. The two-month campaign has netted 2,000 illegal banners within its first week.

“It is also aimed at helping the MBPJ (Petaling Jaya City Council) to remove illegal banners as it is facing manpower shortage in its enforcement task,” he said.

“Residents can cut down whatever illegal banners they see and bring them to my office to claim their rewards,” Lau said.

According to Lau, the illegal banners are those that do not have permits from the MBPJ.

The legal banners have licences from the MBPJ authorising the commercial firms to put up and display their advertisement banners.

A legal banner is identified by a sticker, shaped as a square or triangle, with the company’s account number, duration the banner can be displayed and a serial number

“The campaign focuses on the illegal commercial banners only. Those put up by governmental bodies or for charity, social or non-profit purposes will be allowed,” Lau said.

He said funding for the “rewards” would come from his constituency development fund.

The rewards ranged from RM1 for a banner measuring less than 2ft x 2ft (0.6m x 0.6m) to RM5 for a banner exceeding 3ft x 6ft (0.9m x 1.8m).

Besides the large number of Ah Long (loan shark) banners, there are others advertising tuition classes, food delivery, printing services, TV antenna installation and water filters.

“The campaign is meant for Kampung Tunku residents. I don’t mind people bringing in banners from other parts of PJ, but my priority is to clean up Kampung Tunku,” Lau said.

“This campaign is done on an experimental basis. If it is effective, I will propose to the MBPJ and state government to take it up,” he said.

“What is important is the results. So far, the campaign has been quite effective as the streets of Kampung Tunku are now quite clean,” Lau said.

For details on the campaign, visit Lau’s website at

Here’s why Loan Sharks can’t be removed from the society!  It’s because the police themselves are involved either directly or indirectly.  See how posters are placed right next to the police station.  I believe some money laundering scheme is on going here and some big shot UMNO or Barisan Nasional people must be involved.  Bastards.