How to Make a Bomb Detonator Chapter 8 (Educational Purposes!!)
From Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Remote Bomb Detonator Note: This chapter is VERY similar to Chapter 7.  However a diode was adopted

In the previous chapter, I asked you to look first at Chapter 6’s last photo. Please do that again. Here is the URL for that photo ( ). Now also, look at the previous chapter’s first photo ( ). You will notice that both are almost the same except one is using a battery cell (for a messy blow job) and the other is using an alarm clock.

Now, I would just remove the alarm clock and replace the alarm clock as shown in the photograph below: -

Hey, I bought a new remote toy car with part of Datuk Chris Goh’s 10% payment. The box is still intact as shown in the photo. Obviously you cannot clip the crocodile clips to the box and expect it to become a remote bomb detonator. Well, take the toy car out from the box.  Test out the toy and make sure the wheels are spinning: -

On inspection, I am lucky to discover that this Made in China product has the two cable exposed at the rear wheel end.

Obviously those are the cables to the motor and I don’t need to dismantle the whole car. I just need to make some minor incisions to the cable to expose the metallic part like this.

Clip the exposed cable.

However, as mentioned in the beginning of this chapter, a diode was adopted. Clip the diode as shown below: -

The reason for a diode is very simple. Motors are sometimes not very stable. It sends out tiny electricity signals. If you adopt a diode, that would take care of this signals. Even with the alarm clock project, some alarm clocks may or may not need a diode.

Now set up the whole circuit as shown like this

For the movie, you can view it here:-

3 thoughts on “How to Make a Bomb Detonator Chapter 8 (Educational Purposes!!)

  1. Allahu Akbar!

    May I ask, if I dismantle a Nokia phone. I can see the Nokia phone’s motor that causes vibration. If I follow the same method like you described above, can my mobile phone be a remote / “mobile phone detonator” ?


  2. The Bomb Maker Post author

    yes. if you do dismantle a phone say Nokia 3310 / 3315, there should be a motor inside there. If you adopt the method I have described above with the diode, you should have the same effect.

    Please do note that you NOT ONLY have a Mobile Phone Detonator where you use one phone to call another BUT you can also have a Timer Mobile Phone Detonator where you set a particular date and time to set off the detonator !!!


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