How to Make a Bomb Detonator Chapter 3 (Educational Purposes!!)

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3.0 Lighting a Light Bulb

Some of you will be wondering why I came up with this chapter titled “Lighting a Light Bulb”.  Yes, you probably would be wondering because if you look at any simple torch light, you would know how a light bulb works.  But this topic is important becaust this would be the foundation to how you could create a bomb detonator.  You see, I would like to keep everything as simple as possible and hence I introduced this topic.

The circuit diagram to light a light bulb is as follows: –

The photographs of the above two circuit are as shown below: –

Since we are in the age of Youtube, I would like to show how this circuit works in video format.  Please note that, this video is hosted at and again I thank Datuk Chris Goh for his server.  This video is not hosted by that discourages freedom of speech like bomb making techniques.

Congratulations.  You just took one step into making a Bomb Detonator.  Please do follow the next few chapters in order to be successful in making a Bomb Detonator to kill your enemies in enemy territory.

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