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Polis Diraja Malaysia / Royal Malaysian Police – Laws Are Broken in Front of Police Stations

My dear Polis Diraja Malaysia or better known as Royal Malaysian Police. What the fuck are you guys doing? Are you guys sleeping? It’s rather embarrassing to see people breaking the law in front of your police station. Oh, by the way, the website for the Royal Malaysian Police is .

Do you know what’s their fucking vision?

The main enforcement agency that is with integrity, competence and committed to work with the people

Their fucking objective on the other hand is : –
Committed to serve and defend the country and to work with the people in order to uphold law and order.

So, if these fucking police cannot even uphold the law in front of their police station, I wonder how are they going to uphold the law for the country? I guess they are only good for the use of Barisan Nasional people. To catch Raja Petra. To catch people lighting candles. WTF ??!!!

Breaking The Law in Front of Klang Police Station

Breaking The Law in Front of Bandar Baru Klang Police Station

Breaking The Law in Front of Petaling Jaya Traffic Police Station

Breaking The Law in Front of TTDI (Taman Tun Dr. Ismail) Police Station

Breaking The Law in Front of Pantai Police Station (Near Universiti Malaya / University Malaya)

Breaking The Law in Front of Mont’ Kiara / Bukit Kiara Police Station

Breaking The Law in Front of Bangsar Police Station

Breaking The Law in Front of Klang Traffic Police Station

Breaking The Law in Front of Damansara Heights Police Station

Takeover plan is still on: Dr Syed Husin


SHAH ALAM: PKR has decided to talk less about its bid to take over the federal government from Barisan Nasional but “it’s still very much on,” said deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali.

He said the party had learnt its lesson that when it talks about dates to take over this only “alerts undesirable elements” about it.

“So now we do not talk much about announcing dates or announcing a takeover. We talk less about it but try to do more about it. It’s still very much on. We are prepared for change. It might come earlier (than the next election),” he told reporters Friday at a press conference.

He was asked if Pakatan Rakyat expects to take over the federal government by Dec 8, a new date the party had set after it had missed its previously self-imposed deadline on Sept 16.

Pakatan comprising PKR, DAP and PAS won a total of 82 seats while Barisan secured 140 seats in parliament during the March 8 election.

It needs 30 crossovers to topple the Barisan government. So far, SAPP has left Barisan which means that its two MPs are now listed as independent MPs, while Datuk Ibrahim Ali who won on a PAS ticket is also listed as an independent.

Dr Syed Husin said Sept 16 was only the beginning of the process to take over the government.

“The process is going on. It could happen at any time,” he added.

He also disclosed that over the past few months, the party had received almost 100,000 new members.

In his speech earlier, Dr Syed Husin told members not to feel disheartened that the Sept 16 deadline had passed.

He said Barisan had accused de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of lying that he had the numbers to form the government, adding that it was unfortunate that a small number of PKR members too had their doubts.

“I am confident though that most of our party members and people want change and are certain that Anwar was telling the truth when he said he had the numbers. What they don’t know is these MPs have been threatened and pressured (not to cross over),” he said.

These obstacles, he said, meant that the change of government could not take place just yet.

Dr Syed Husin also said there was a concerted effort by Barisan to relentlessly run down the Mentris Besar and Chief Minister in the five Pakatan states (Kelantan, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Penang).

He said Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim (from PKR) too became a target and they accused him of being anti-Malay over the appointment of a Chinese woman to be the acting head of PKNS.

Saying that there were claims that a lot of senior PKNS officers were not clean and transparent, he urged for the setting up of an independent body aided by the Anti-Corruption Agency to investigate and get to the bottom of the matter.

He said Barisan used false claims and half-truths to fan racial sentiments and was confident that people would not be taken in.

He said during the general election, it was clear that a large number of young voters supported the opposition and chose the party and candidate without regard to race and religion.

“This indicates that parties like Umno, MCA and MIC only have short life spans left,” he added.

Dr Syed Husin also took to task some PKR divisions that tried to block new members from coming in.

He said there were a few divisions where leadership was weak, lacked initiative and were dominated “at times by cliques” who did not want to see a better leader emerge.

He said this tendency was more prevalent in the Youth wing than in Wanita.

Ministry keeping eye on blogs

Ministry keeping eye on blogs that ‘play up controversies’—so what new on this? same old shit


KUALA LUMPUR: The Home Ministry is monitoring blogs to check if bloggers are posting comments that confuse the people on controversial issues.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung said that at the moment, the ministry was merely advising bloggers against the misuse of blogs.

“So far, we are only telling them not to use their blogs as a mechanism to confuse people or as a weapon against those they don’t like,” he said on Tuesday when asked about bloggers posting comments on the National Fatwa Council’s edict banning Muslims from practising yoga.

“However, if the comments are deemed as posing a threat to public security, we will view them seriously,” he said, adding that it would be left to the minister to act on such cases.

“The ministry is always monitoring developments in the blogosphere,” Chor said after the launch of the National Anti-Drug Agency’s new programme, Rakan Anti-Dadah (Rada), to eradicate drug abuse.

Malay, Muslim NGOs lodge police reports

From The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Representatives from an umbrella body of Malay and Muslim non-governmental organisations lodged five police reports Sunday over several issues which they claimed endangered Muslim and Malay unity.

The Heritage Associations, Malay Cultural Organisations and Related Bodies Cooperation Network (Pewaris) urged the Government to act against groups which are asking for the abolition of the Internal Security Act (ISA).

They also lodged reports against the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), Gerakan Wanita chief Datuk Tan Lian Hoe and Sisters in Islam, the last for their remarks on the National Fatwa Council’s edict against pengkid or tomboys.

They urged Tan to apologise to the Malays for her remarks, which they claimed had insulted their race.

Pewaris spokesman Datuk Dr Maa’mor Osman told reporters that the 30 NGOs had agreed to form a coalition called Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah to counter criticism made against Malays and Islam.

He said the Malay NGOs felt that it was crucial for them to voice their concerns against the action of other parties which allegedly tried to belittle the Malays, Islam as the official religion of the Federation, and bumiputra rights.

“We will hold several roadshows nationwide, starting in Selangor, to explain the issues that are affecting the Malays and to remind them of the importance of maintaining unity.

“Those who question the rights of the Malays as enshrined in the Constitution should be taught about how these rights and privileges had been agreed upon by the country’s leaders during Independence.

“We hope to reach a consensus by the end of the year, which will be detailed in a memorandum that we will send to the Prime Minister and the Yang di-Pertuan Agong,” he told reporters after attending a closed-door talk with other Malay-based groups here on Sunday.

On the ISA, Dr Maa’mor said the group agreed that the Act was needed to prevent the outbreak of problems that might hamper national security.

Later, about 500 of the coalition’s members held a peaceful gathering outside their meeting place at Wisma Sejarah before going to the Jalan Tun Razak police station to lodge their reports.

During the gathering, a woman who was standing at an overhead pedestrian bridge shouted obscenities at the group.

Some members of the group responded with shouts while others chased her before they were stopped by policemen.

The group lodged another report against the woman at the police station.

Multilingual signboards in Penang vandalised


GEORGE TOWN: Two signboards with directions in Bahasa Malaysia and Arabic were defaced with red paint, barely 48 hours after they were put up at Lebuh Acheh on Friday.

Local Government, Traffic Management and Environment Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said he received a call from the police at about 9.30am on Sunday informing him of the incident.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said stern action would be taken against the perpetrators.

“The state will not give in and will continue putting up the signboards no matter what happens.

“We will defend the use of multilingual signboards unless there is a court order,” he said when met at the scene.

Lim urged the public to be more responsible and care for state property.

Asked if the state was going to lodge a police report over the matter, Lim said they would monitor the situation first and only do that if necessary.
From The Star

By Bodoh

GEORGE TOWN: Two signboards with directions in Bahasa Malaysia and Arabic were ejaculated with red paint, barely 48 hours after they were put up at Lebuh Acheh on Friday.

Local Government, Traffic Management and Environment Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said he received a call from the police at about 9.30am on Sunday informing him of the incident.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said stern action would be taken against the perpetrators.

“The state will not give in and will continue putting up the signboards no matter what happens.

“We will defend the use of multilingual signboards unless there is a court order,” he said when met at the scene.

Lim urged the public to be more responsible and care for state property.

Asked if the state was going to lodge a police report over the matter, Lim said they would monitor the situation first and only do that if necessary.

Bodohland says, Barisan Nasional is too desperate. They have no women to fuck and now they fuck the fucking signboards. Barisan Nasional are fucking racists. Fuck off Barisan Nasional. Be more open minded. let those fucking signboards be in Multi-language. Don’t be a fucking sore loser.

Fatwa on yoga out soon

PUTRAJAYA: Muslims who practise yoga will know within this week the National Fatwa Council’s edict on the exercise.

Council chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said he had written and handed over a draft of the edict to the council last week.

“I have been on several overseas trips but I understand that the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) is in the process of arranging for a meeting of the council and media conference on the matter.

“The council will return the draft for me to check for approval. Practitioners will know within this week the council’s decision,” he told reporters after attending the International Seminar on Comparative Law at the Marriott Hotel here yesterday.

Dr Abdul Shukor said the draft needed to be checked a few times because a “fatwa was equivalent to a court decision”.

He declined to say whether the edict would ban the practice, adding that the fatwa would explain everything.

The Star, 19 November 2008

How to Make a Bomb Detonator Chapter 8 (Educational Purposes!!)

From Chapter 7

Chapter 8 Remote Bomb Detonator

Note: This chapter is VERY similar to Chapter 7.  However a diode was adopted

In the previous chapter, I asked you to look first at Chapter 6’s last photo. Please do that again. Here is the URL for that photo ( ). Now also, look at the previous chapter’s first photo ( ). You will notice that both are almost the same except one is using a battery cell (for a messy blow job) and the other is using an alarm clock.

Now, I would just remove the alarm clock and replace the alarm clock as shown in the photograph below: –

Hey, I bought a new remote toy car with part of Datuk Chris Goh’s 10% payment. The box is still intact as shown in the photo. Obviously you cannot clip the crocodile clips to the box and expect it to become a remote bomb detonator. Well, take the toy car out from the box.  Test out the toy and make sure the wheels are spinning: –

On inspection, I am lucky to discover that this Made in China product has the two cable exposed at the rear wheel end.

Obviously those are the cables to the motor and I don’t need to dismantle the whole car. I just need to make some minor incisions to the cable to expose the metallic part like this.

Clip the exposed cable.

However, as mentioned in the beginning of this chapter, a diode was adopted. Clip the diode as shown below: –

The reason for a diode is very simple. Motors are sometimes not very stable. It sends out tiny electricity signals. If you adopt a diode, that would take care of this signals. Even with the alarm clock project, some alarm clocks may or may not need a diode.

Now set up the whole circuit as shown like this

For the movie, you can view it here:-

How to Make a Bomb Detonator Chapter 7 (Educational Purposes!!)

From Chapter 6

7.0 Alarm Clock Detonator

Firstly, let’s take a look at Chapter 6’s last photo ( ). It depicts a battery and two crocodile clips. If you are a suicide bomber willing to sacrifice your life by blowing yourself into pieces in enemy territory, just run to the enemy and close the circuit of the battery.

However, I did mention that life is too precious to perform this sort of messy blow jobs (pun intended).

Now, if we were to replace the battery cell with this (alarm clock): –

(click on the photo to enlarge it)

Then, the explosion time can be set. You basically need an alarm clock which has a motor. The motor sends approximately 1.5V of current which is adequate to trigger the transistor. Remember the last photo of Chapter 6? It’s a cell with 1.5V.  So the alarm clock’s motor is a good replacement. Let’s have a look at the motor: –

If you paid attention to my class from Chapter 1 to 6, you should have no problems here.  Hence the very short write up in this chapter.

Let’s watch a video of how this works: –

In this video, I started off by clipping the green crocodile clip to the 9V cell. This 9V cell is essential to cause the short circuit and consequently resulting in the Ignition Event. But of course you already know that this would not be powered up if there is no signal sent to the transistor. Then I move on to the alarm clock and pointed the alarm clock button and the match stick. I then pressed the alarm clock button and the match was ignited. Of course I could have waited like half an hour or so and make it work like a real alarm clock bomb detonator but I am sure you wouldn’t want to watch a movie where nothing happens only after half an hour. So, I “fast-forwarded” the process by pressing the alarm clock button and the bell rang immediately. When the bell rang, electrical signal was sent to the transistor and this sent another signal to the relay. Since the relay is triggered, the 9V battery’s circuit began to lit up the match.  Hence the Ignition Event

Continue to Chapter 8

How to Make a Bomb Detonator Chapter 6 (Educational Purposes!!)

From Chapter 5

6.0 Combining Transistor and Relay

All the photos and videos you viewed previously may seem hopelessly useless to you but trust me if you are able to recreate the same circuits that I demonstrated from Chapter 1 to Chapter 5 and if you continue with Chapter 6, you should be able to create your own detonator successfully.

In this chapter, I shall combine a transistor and a relay.  Besides that, there is no more light bulb.  Remember in Chapter 3 I demonstrated how to light a light bulb? Well, now the light bulb’s location (i.e. on the right side) has been replaced with a matchstick.  Of course you could combine the matchstick with something more powerful to kill your enemy.  For instance, you could always combine the matchstick with dynamite.  However, as mentioned earlier, I shall not be discussing on explosives because this article is solely on detonators.

Previously, the centre portion had either been a transistor (Chapter 4) or a relay (Chapter 5).  Now, I changed the centre portion to have both the transistor and a relay.  The left side still maintains as a battery cell.

Anyway, the descriptio of what I said above is depicted here: –

As usual, the matchstick is ignited via the action of short circuiting (see Chapter 1 & 2) which creates the Ignition Even: –

Some close up views are as shown below: –

The relay’s connections remain the same as the previous chapter ans is as shown below: –

Here is a close up view of the cells used to trigger the relay.  don’t be worried as to why there’s one small cell above.  You see, I need about 4V to trigger the relay and so I had 3 times 1.5V cells which is equal to 4.5V.  There are many types of relays.  If your relay is a 9V relay, then you need a 9V power to trigger the relay.

Here are some close up views of the transistor.

The final photo below is the trigger which will trigger the whole circuit.  In other words, when you connect the crocodile clips to the appropriate terminals, the matchstick would light up!  Unfortunately I didn’t manage to make a video of that.  Well you just have to imagine that the matchstick would light up.

Now just use your wild imagination!  If a 1.5 V battery can trigger the above circuit, what would you use in place of this 1.5 V battery?  Almost anything!!!

To do a booby trap, perhaps you could have two metal plates, parallel i.e. one on top of the other.  When your enemy steps on the top plate, it touches the bottom plate and this would trigger a bomb detonation.

Besides that, if your enemy is entering a building through a door, you could similarly thing of a trigger mechanism to close the circuit and blast your enemy to pieces using this detonator and powerful exposives.

Yes, you can let your imagination run wild and think of many other methods to blast and cause your enemy to die.  Hey, that’s what soldiers do to defend their country right?  Anyway, what else can you think of as a detonator?  Well, obviously you could use a cellular phone.  After reading Malaysia’s news where the Malaysian Airlines System or MAS allows passengers to use handheld devices on board of the plane, I feel that it is a bad move because do note that cellular phones can act as a detonator too!  Just imagine replacing that last photo’s 1.5 V cell with a cellular phone!

Anyway, to continue with the next chapter, I would introduce something easily available i.e. an alarm clock and a remote control car.  So, you will then know how to create an Alarm Clock Bomb Detonator and also a Remote Control Car Detonator.

Due to time constraints, I am not able to discuss on Cellular Phone Bomb Detonators but the principles are the same as the Remote Control Car Detonator.  You just need to get the two “trigger cables” to the motor of the Cellular Phone like how you get the two “trigger cables” to your Remote Control Car (in Chapter 8).

Continue to Chapter 7