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MIC Fucks MCA. Barely Legal 18 Year Old Lim Kok Weng Students Fucking.

Well done to the Malaysian Minister of Education. First, he has got STPM students fucking, now he has got Lim Kok Weng Students Fucking.

This is a very good University scandal. It is claimed that this set of photos are of Limkokwing University graphic design students enjoying each other in a great threesome relationship. So, someone sent me an interesting email:

“The first girl is name Jane (from Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia). The second I have no idea what her name. But I know both of them are from the same university and study Graphic Design course from year 2003 – 2005. The that guy is from Pakistan. I also don’t know what his name.
Those pictures are taken in Malaysia.
Just send this pictures to you to post in your blog, and share with everybody. 🙂

This is what university lifestyle is all about, three-way sex. What interest me about these pictures is the scorpion tattoo on one of the girl. The tattoo is just like the one and in the same location as the one on the Singaporean Exhibitionist Blogger best known as Sun Tan. She is obviously not Sun Tan but it there some thing with scorpion tattoos and amateur porn with girls in this part of the world? Is this a signal? I know I will now be looking for girls with this tattoo because I want to make my own exhibitionist amateur porn. Click on pictures to enlarge.

This Pakistani dude did well for himself in Malaysia, its great when you can fuck a chick and get another chick to take pictures until her turn!


Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is a private university in Malaysia. The school is named after its founder, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Lim Kok Wing. The University was the first private Malaysian institution to receive the University College status, and it was the first University College upgraded to full University status.

Limkokwing has fully operational campuses in London, Cyberjaya, Kuching, Gaborone, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Beijing, and is opening one in New York in 2008. The “Global University” concept Lim Kok Wing has adapted since its inception forms the university’s main aim and is an essential part of its mission statement.

Malay (Malaysian) Gangbang in McDonalds Uniform near UMNO Building

Malay (Malaysian) Gangbang in McDonalds Uniform near UMNO Building

A very happy Deepavali to those of you celebrating Deepavali.

In Malaysia, we have many McDonalds outlets. Have you guys ever wonder why our McDonalds’ food taste so great. Well, maybe because it’s coated with Dick Cum and Pussy Juice after a gangbang session. The person who took this video managed to upload it to his phone and when his phone was repaired in a friend’s shop, we had fun watching how this Malays banged the brains of this gal out. Enjoy guys!

Whenever you read in The Star or other newspapers about some religious assholes holding a Fatwa (, that’s all bullshit. The fact is, Malay UMNOs love sex. They are now indulging in Gangbang sessions and I will upload more and more videos.

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