Malaysia Sucks?

Domains,,, are all for sale

I really enjoyed reading the articles by Kickdes about his childhood

That 1Malaysia concept is a pile of BS….one nation one law for all?? yea right.

Anyway, here are his postings about Malaysia sucks ….the last post on his blog was in 2016?? and I am worried for his whereabouts. The reason for putting his post here is because I am afraid that wordpress might take it down as one has no control over the hosting platform. I wish him well and would appreciate if he gets in touch with me….I am on the other opposite coast of New York.

**********Love his posting******

Growing up in the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, as a kid I was never shy about my fondness for all things West.  Somehow, in my childhood I had developed some strong xenocentric tendencies.  I’m not saying it’s right, it’s just how I was influenced as a kid.  I ate up everything that came from the West – television, food, music, you name it.  I seemed to be focused on America and all things American.  America seemed to the birthplace of awesomeness, full of bright and shiny objects that drew me in like a Star Destroyer’s tractor beam.  (Actually, that analogy holds more water than I care to admit.)

And the more I learned about and experienced Western culture, the more I grew ethnophobic – I became quickly dissatisfied with life in Kuala Lumpur.  I had miserable teenage years.  Not just average miserable teenage years like a lot of kids had – I had this weight on my shoulders about the country I lived in, the people around me, my surroundings, my whole outlook.  In hindsight, I was probably just another ungrateful little shit who didn’t appreciate what I had, but rather moped about how green the grass was across the Pacific.  I was an insufferable shit as a kid (I haven’t changed much).

But I was unwavering in one ambition that I had when I was a kid –  one day to get the hell out of Dodge.

I am privileged to have parents who planned well enough to be able to send me to college abroad (I’m nowhere near as prepared, my kids are so screwed).  Nothing super fancy or prestigious, just a modest college experience.  Malaysian colleges were never an option, but I’ll get into why in a minute.  Long story short, I left for college in New Jersey, then found a good job in New York, and I never moved back to Malaysia.

I now call New York home.  When asked where I’m from, I typically reply, “I’m from New York.”  Which fucking kills me, because it’s not the whole truth.  But it saves me from having to explain this whole Malaysia backstory.  It saves me from having to bite my tongue about the disdain that I’ve grown for my country of birth.  A moment of me being slightly disingenuous saves me from having to deal with my own self-loathing and what complete and utter disappointment at my former home country.

So, why am I so fucking down on Malaysia, the land of my birth, my childhood country, the country in which 90% of my immediate and extended family still live?

It starts from the top.  Malaysia is like an upside down tree.  The roots are at the top, planted in a toxic pot that gets no illumination from the sun.  These gangrenous roots are the government.  A government that is held together by only the finest grade of corruption and greed.  A government that is driven by the ethnic majority.

Ahh, the ethnic majority.  You see, Malaysia is comprised of three large ethnic groups – the Malays, the Chinese, and the Indians.  The Malays, who are native to the land, opened up the doors to the country to the Chinese and the Indians during the Spice Trade because Malaysia sits precisely at the perfect maritime gateway between India (who wanted Chinese tea), and China (who wanted Indian spices).  That’s the super dumbed-down version of that story.  What do I look like, Wikipedia?   If you want more detail, Google that shit.

Fast forward 500 years later, and somehow you’ve got a ruling class with a constitution that openly favors the ethnic majority, exercises extreme prejudice, and an inculcated environment in which the ignorant are rewarded and the hardworking masses are told to shut the fuck up and keep working.

No fucking way, right?  There’s no way that such a retarded country can actually exist!  I mean, it’s so fucking outlandish that it’s absolutely farcical at this point.  Like some insane Monty Python sketch.  Yeah, well check these out:

  • Bumiputera discounts.  “Bumiputera” is what the Malays call themselves.  Princes of the earth.  Can’t you just feel the ooze of racial entitlement?  Basically, if you’re Malay, you’re entitled to massive discounts on all sorts of big dollar shit.  You get a lower interest rate on mortgages, you get discounts, you get preferred acceptance into organizations, contracts, colleges, etc.  If you’re Chinese, Indian, or any other ethnic group, you’re fucked.  You get the privilege of paying top dollar, and you wait in the back of the fucking line.  Lucky you!

So what makes Malaysia stupider than other horrible countries around the world?  How’s it different from destitute countries full of despair like Sudan or Liberia?  In those countries, you live every day knowing full well that everything’s fucked and no one lies to you about it.  In Malaysia, there is an ever-present bullshit haze of hunky-doriness that somehow allows everyone carry along each day as if everything’s cool.  But underneath of it, EVERYTHING’s fucked, you’re fucked, the future’s fucked, and the impenetrable system that perpetuates an endless cycle of greed and corruption has been perfected.  That, for me, is the most hurtful thing about living in Malaysia – the grand lie and the forced acceptance of that lie.

I write this freely because I now live in New York.  If I lived in Malaysia, these words would likely tantamount to treason.  And I’d probably be locked up and beaten for it.  The government has been known to lock up and persecute citizens for a lot less.

But I needed to write all this down not because I’m angry or trying to be insurgent.  I’m past that now.  I’m writing this because I need to somehow exorcise Malaysia from my being.  Because enough is enough.

Fuck you, Malaysia.

P.S.   I’m grateful for my friends and family who are still in Malaysia, who despite my repeated urging, have chosen to remain there, either by choice or by circumstance.  I respect their decision, and I can only pray the best for them.  Besides, they’re the ones who keep me informed of all this bullshit.  And for that, you guys fucking rock.  You know who you are.

Group wants Beyonce gig cancelled

*** WHAT A BUNCH OF BS, I BET THE STUDENTS AND PAS would love to put their small dicks into Beyonce!! and caress her big boobs–get a life man!!!****
Beyonce does not give a shit who you are, all she wants is perform.
PETALING JAYA: An Islamic students group has called for the Beyonce concert to be cancelled, saying it doubted the singer would adhere to the dress-code guidelines.

The National Union of Malaysian Islamic Students (PKPIM) said it also regretted that some parties planned to sponsor the Oct 25 concert.–Sex and Durian—that all I need

Unique red durian making heads turn

Red Durian

KOTA KINABALU: A durian species is turning heads among visitors to Sabah, thanks to its uniquely reddish flesh.

Known among the Kadazandusun community as sukang or tabelak, the fruit is also called “durian hutan”, as it is mainly found growing wild in the jungles of Sabah.
Thorny abundance: A sukang or ‘durian hutan’ tree heavy with fruits

Msia will always be a kacan putih pasar malam ecommerce country.

Msia will always be a kacan putih pasar malam ecommerce country.

Why? Here are the following personal experiences:

When you purchase an item online in US(shoe, Laptop. Cooking stuffs or anything), the products will be delivered right in front of your door within 2-4 days and sometimes the next day.

Now tell me, will that nicely packaged box with the Big Label :” Laptop: From Dell”be at your door when you get home in Msia?

How many Msians do own credit cards that do not have any annual fees?

How about warranty?

When you are not satisfied with the product, you can call the toll free number or ship the product back FREE of charge and get you money back without any questions asked.

Sometimes, the company will throw in a 50% off coupon for your next purchase so to get you back as a customer.

You can even return a pair of shoes after 4mths of wearing back to the store and tell them it was defective and your new one will be free and even 50% off the next purchase- all no Questions asked. ( I have done this so many times at this store

I recently bought a brand new 52 inch big screen HDTV for $399(on sale) and the store will match the competitors’ prices and even gave me 10% discount plus send someone to set it up in my home—–all for free!!

Brick and mortars shops are dying in US as many consumers prefer to shop online because of the great customer service and 100% guarantee return policy. Do they have that in Msia?

In US, it is a federal crime to steal someone’s mails !!!

Now my friends of BodohLand, Msia has a very long way to be an ecommerce powerhouse because of the inefficiency /untrusting postal systems, distrustful civic mindedness of the neighbors and last but not least, the PASAR MALAMs.

ShutDown Malaysiakin and send them to Jail!

So send all the Malaysiakini staff to jail like they do to all the bloggers, this is an easy way to silence the press and shutdown thestar too.Well, why don’t they shutdown and because they have no balls!!

Don’t harass website, MCMC told

KUALA LUMPUR: Repeated probes by the the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) on news portal Malaysiakini could be misconstrued as harassment aimed at stifling the independence of the media.

MCA information and communication bureau spokesperson Lee Wei Kiat said the party is concerned that the commission, as a regulatory body, will be perceived as attempting to silence the press, similar to the controversy over the detention of Sin Chew journalist Tan Hoon Cheng under the Internal Security Act for carrying out her job.

In a statement, Lee pointed out that the commission had visited the portal’s office three times and interviewed 12 of its staff.

Lee said MCA is calling for the commission to allow all Malaysiakini staff to continue carrying out their duties professionally uninterrupted by marathon interview sessions.

He added that the commission should take into account the Prime Minister’s stand on Aug 7 that the Government will not filter the Internet.

Head of MACC to Question His Neighbour, Khir Toyo

Where is the whole picture The Star?  Why the title MACC to quiz Khir ?  I think this is another cover up or sandiwara.  Why not put the title of the article, “The Neighbour of MACC Head, Khir Toyo to be questioned?”.  It would be more interesting right ?

Friday September 11, 2009

MACC to quiz Khir


SHAH ALAM: Former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has been asked to be present at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission office here to assist in investigations related to the purchase of his multi-million ringgit palatial home.

It is learnt that the commission wants to query Dr Khir as the MACC is said to have obtained an independent evaluation report on the cost of the controversial mansion in Section 7 here.

Sources said the commission had obtained at least two evaluation reports with one estimating the mansion to be about RM5mil.

They said the commission did not close its investigations into Dr Khir’s home as it was waiting for the independent reports as well as make discreet inquiries.

MACC started investigating the former MB following allegations made in a blog, as well as that by DAP Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Swee Lim, who claimed the palatial mansion was worth about RM24mil.

The sources also said that, besides the investigations into the mansion, the commission was expected to quiz Dr Khir about the accounts of Balkis (Wives of Selangor State Assemblymen and MPs Charity and Welfare Organi-sation).

They said it had been conducting inquiries and decided they needed Dr Khir to assist in investigations.

Dr Khir has been alleged to have abused funds belonging to Balkis of which his wife was the head before it was dissolved after the March 8 general elections last year. is dying—-so are all the Msian papers

Why would someone read the papers full of propaganda, within 5yrs, all the papers will die just like in US,


Star must stay ahead, paper needs new strategy, says Hii

PETALING JAYA: The Star needs a new strategy and greater creativity to serve its increasingly demanding readers, said Star Publications (M) Bhd executive deputy chairman Datuk Clement Hii.

The newspaper must also be careful not to let complacency set in, he said, as it was not immune to the challenges facing the industry